Safety Tips To keep In Mind While Planning A Desert Safari In Dubai | Dubai Desert Ride
Safety Tips To keep In Mind While Planning A Desert Safari In Dubai | Dubai Desert Ride
Among the quest and thrill seekers from all around the world, desert safari in the UAE is extremely popular.

Among the quest and thrill seekers from all around the world, desert safari in the UAE is extremely popular. They form the ideal gateway to explore the enthralling flora and fauna of the deserted lands. But, if you have not yet experienced the desert safari in Dubai, then you might have a couple of queries in mind related to the safety tips for the safari plans.

Today, we have compiled an entire guide to help you take the right type of precautions to get the ideal experience on a desert safari.

Let Us Now Dive Into Further Details Regarding It.

Common Safety Tips For Desert Safari

You can start enjoying several adventurous sports activities during the desert safari, such as quad biking, dune buggy, dune bashing, and sand boarding. There are traditional events, cultural activities, and camel rides to enjoy. You will also get a chance to explore the desert landscapes along with the local cultures. 

Here are a couple of vital desert driving safety tactics you should remember to have the exclusive desert safari experience.

    • Wear Comfortable Clothes

When planning for a desert safari, make sure to wear clothes and shoes which are comfortable. The temperature in the desert is quite high therefore, wearing light-colored and lightweight clothes can keep you cool during the daytime.

But, the nights in the desert are colder; therefore, you need to take additional sweaters for an evening desert safari trip. You should start wearing rubber shoes and slippers to prevent the sand granules from getting into the shoes besides clothing. 

    • Check The Car Safety

You should check that the car you have booked has vital safety features such as AC, airbags, and other unique features that make the vehicle last for a longer time in the desert. Additionally, checking that the 4x4 cars and the trucks get equipped with appropriate seatbelts and roll cages can help avoid possible accidents.

    • Safety Measures For The Campsite

Although it is safe to camp in Dubai, you should never carry any valuable items. Additionally, start following every vital instruction given by your guide and driver. Abiding with experienced guides will inform you to make the whole experience safer and more enjoyable by preventing any additional mishaps.

Furthermore, people interested in taking private safari packages in Abu Dhabi should take desert driving courses in Abu Dhabi to understand the best way to handle the car and maneuvering tricks.

    • Look For A Reliable Tour Company

Perform a bit of research regarding the best desert safari companies while planning for a trip. You can check out their sites for packages to check the reviews online and read the brochures to locate the type of facilities to offer. Additionally, you should check out if the drivers are trained professionally having valid Dubai driving licenses.

If you plan to visit Abu Dubai for a safari journey, then check out the prominent desert safari companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

    • Wear Helmets And Buggy Outfits

The dune buggy ride in Dubai is filled with twists, turns, and bumps that jolt throughout the body. It is the reason why it is important to start wearing a helmet while driving in the desert. Helmets for the dune buggies are made out of reinforced materials ensuring greater protection.

The buggy outfits are one of the must-have roading accessories. It is the outfit that keeps the clothes protected, offering you clearer vision during the rides. The protective gear can help you against any eye-related injuries if you are spending a long time in the sand.

    • Select The Best Time To Visit

As the Dubai summers are too hot while it is advisable to start planning your safari trip between November and April. The afternoons are generally pleasant during the period. You can start exploring the unique Bedouin traditional lifestyle and exquisite wildlife of the desert in the best way possible.

    • Keep Yourself Hydrated

You might encounter scorching sunlight and extreme heat during the trip. It is why it is very important to drink plenty of water and juices because desert driving activities easily make you feel exhausted and dehydrated. But you should bring juice and water since you can find them at the campsite.

We have concluded our list of safety tips for the desert safari. We would even hope that these are the safety tips for desert driving that makes you well-prepared for the trip. If you feel a bit uncomfortable or experience motion sickness during the trip, then follow the trips we have mentioned today.