Looking for a used caravan? Here’s our Top 5 Tips
Looking for a used caravan? Here’s our Top 5 Tips
Are you looking for used caravans for sale in Melbourne? We are leading second hand caravan dealers in Melbourne and Australia wide. We sell only top quality second-hand and custom caravans, campers, pop-tops and food vans at very affordable prices. We have new stock monthly so stop by or give us a call! Consignment sales also welcome. Caravan Care is the best place to buy used Caravans.

Want to go on a road trip but don't have the funds to buy a brand-new van? We have a solution for you: buy a used caravan instead!

It should come as no surprise that caravanning and camping are becoming increasingly popular as more individuals, from young couples to experienced travellers, decide to travel through Australia for extended periods of time. Caravans, on the other hand, may be an expensive investment, which is why so many people prefer to buy old caravans instead.

But how can you know when you've found a decent deal?

It's critical to look for used vans with a lot of storage. You never know when you'll need extra food, clothing, sports equipment, or even your bicycle. This storage should ideally be easy to access from both inside and outside the vehicle.

Comparing the interior of a used caravan to the rooms in your home is an excellent technique to figure out exactly what you require from your van. Is it simple to operate and maintain the kitchen? Is it equipped with all of your cooking gadgets, such as a microwave? Is there enough space to shower comfortably if there is a bathroom?

Check the van's condition completely. Is there any damage that appears to have been repaired? Is there mould development or a musty odour as a result of the dampness? Is the tow hitch or wheels rusted? Our used vehicles at Caravan Care have been hand-picked to fulfil our stringent requirements.

4.Off-the-grid capabilities:
If you're travelling off the beaten path, whether it's off-roading or simply visiting a location without power or water, think about how your van can help you when you don't have access to life's little amenities. As a starting point, go through the following checklist:

Do you have enough fresh water onboard?
Is there enough space to store grey water?
Is the caravan pre-equipped with solar panels (or is it possible to add them later)?

5.Future modifications:
Remember that you're buying a used caravan that's been customised to fulfil someone else's demands, so it might not be great for you right now (although it shouldn't be too far off). Consider how you might customise the van to meet your specific demands and how much these changes will cost. If they're too costly, keep looking or consider purchasing a new van instead!