Laminate flooring Nam Viet F8 3139
Laminate flooring Nam Viet F8 3139
Wood floor installs your house floor.

Laminate flooring Nam Viet F8 3139

Laminate flooring Nam Viet F8 3139

HDF wood core is pressed with standard moisture to make the floor solid.

The surface of F8-3139 has grainy wood grain to help reduce slippery floors when walking.

Smart lock is as easy and quick to install as san go cong nghiep , saving time.

Wood grain cutting board F8-3139 light yellow natural beautiful, environmentally friendly.

F8 anti-scratch aluminum oxide lamination.The old, pale wooden floor design is very popular in European countries. Westerners often choose wooden floors as old as possible because the classic style is said to be aristocratic of the upper class. Bringing the beauty of materials that are close to longevity like old forests full of old trees, becoming a new trend in the East. Laminate flooring is beautiful when you have finished installing your floor compared to the rough wood planks from the box that have not been assembled together. With a combination of colors, the room has an alternating color that connects the floor, helping you relax more when daily activities are full of energy.


Nam Viet Laminate Flooring F8 3139
Manufacturer: VIETNAM

Product code: F8-3139

Condition: In stock

Weight: 7.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1220mm x 197mm x 8mm

(Prices may change from time to time)

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