How to make your date your girlfriend
How to make your date your girlfriend
Actually, it is difficult for a man to estimate when it is the right time to tell a woman how you feel about her. The smartest thing as a man is: to just sit it out

Actually, it is difficult for a man to estimate when it is the right time to tell a woman how you feel about her. The smartest thing as a man is: to just sit it out, without sharing anything about your feelings. And to wait patiently for the moment when a woman tells you how she feels about you. Or at least start by asking and fishing for what your real feelings are for her.

And even then it is wise to only answer the questions she asks honestly. And not to say anything that she has not explicitly asked for. However, even smarter, instead of answering her questions, ask what she feels about you first. And only then tell her how you feel about her. But no more than just that.

Until then, your only job as a man is to see her regularly and spend time with her physically. So not via SMS, WhatsApp, telephone, Skype, or in other ways via the internet. You may also be interested for hookup here hookup sites

Because you only build a love relationship with a woman when you meet each other in person, spend time together, talk, laugh, and have physical contact with each other. Any other form of contact only breaks down what you have built when this contact is too frequent.

Having so many means of communication available today is both a curse and a blessing. A blessing because in this way we can meet women we probably never would have met otherwise. But a curse because too much communication with someone you are attracted to can make this attraction disappear like snow in the sun.

The only thing you should use SMS and WhatsApp for is: to make an appointment for the next date.

Only when you are really in a relationship with a woman should you allow some more communication via text messages. But always try to limit this form of communication as much as possible, because:

It costs you unnecessary time.

It adds absolutely nothing.

It comes at the expense of your attraction to a woman.

Strongly limiting the use of SMS and WhatApp has another advantage, namely: the less you use them, the more powerful this means of communication becomes.

Every woman likes to be surprised by her lover. Something that has the greatest impact when she least expects it. So if you only rarely use text message communication and you send her a nice message out of nowhere, she will definitely keep thinking about you for the rest of the day.

Something which of course will not be the case if she receives a text message from you on her phone or computer almost every day.

Again, the best chances of making your date your girlfriend are when you see her regularly and do things with her. Where you clearly show her that you like her by:

To touch her socially acceptable while talking to her.

To give her a spontaneous hug, for example, when you think she has done something particularly well.

Once playfully put an arm around her, pull her towards you and playfully kiss her on the cheek, and then release her immediately afterward. For example when she teases you or makes you laugh.

Hold her hand or place your hand on her lower back for a moment when you cross the street with her or want to lead her somewhere. For example to a table.

Looking deep into her eyes.

In a very caring way supposedly removing fluff from her hair.

Kiss her.

Make love to her.

Have sex with her.

These are roughly the 9 degrees, or actions, with which you indicate to a woman how much you really like her. So there is no need to say a word. Women subconsciously know very well why you as a man do certain things.

In addition, actions directly affect a woman's feelings. And since a woman usually makes decisions based on her feelings about them, it's all the more important that you take more action than you talk.

In short, all you really need to make your date your girlfriend is the guts to take action.

Incidentally, one important nuance must be added. Namely, that if you already end up in bed with a woman on the first date, the chance that she will become your girlfriend is a lot smaller than if you wait a little longer before having sex with a woman.