Emerging Trends of Mobile App Development
Emerging Trends of Mobile App Development
Here we outline some of the emerging trends in mobile app development Dubai tends to follow with all seriousness and others should too.

Emerging Trends of Mobile App Development

Over the last decade, mobile apps have increased massively summing up to somewhere around 3 million on iOS App Store and Android Play Store together. From booking trips and transfer transactions to ordering food and buying music to listen to while on the go, people do everything entirely through mobile apps.

In this ever-growing technological world, many of the time-consuming tasks that require a lot of effort have come to be at the tip of our fingers. Talking to friends and families who live far in the outskirts of the city or internationally as well, it’s all just a tap away thanks to these mobile apps.

Here we outline some of the emerging trends in mobile app development Dubai tends to follow with all seriousness and others should too.

Market for-Demand Apps is Increasing Every Passing Day 

Fiverr, Upwork, Uber, Taxify, you name it. Over the past few years, people have started to ask for more on-demand apps. Why people crave these has a lot to do with the fact that people prefer to work with people or hire who they can personally talk to. On-demand apps work as a gateway to connect a provider of service with the customer. Tech analysts predict the market for these to increase subsequently over time. 

Mobile payment services are Prone to Hype Up

There’s no doubt people are switching to mobile or hand-held services to a great extent in comparison to traditional services. This means that mobile app services such as PayPal One Touch, ApplePay, Google Pay, Square Cash, and many more are going to be the medium of transactions and payments just a tap away.

Every renowned mobile app offers multiple mobile payment services including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and giftpacks and cards. In addition to fast payment methods, this is also a very secure medium for making transactions without the risk of theft, servers being down, and many more in relation to these.

blockchain technology Will Emerge as the Top Crypto Technology

Compared to everything else, blockchain technology is probably the biggest technology that can get further enhancement in the upcoming years. For investors and institutes relating to finance, crypto technology has been more than just beneficial to them.

It’s no surprise looking at its growth that transparency Market Research predicts blockchain technology’s market to hit about $20 billion by 2024. With blockchain businesses growing such as that, you might want to reconsider your choice of mobile app development and look into this.

IoT Will Be the Face of Technology

IoT or the Internet of Things has already made a vast integration to our daily lives and we can evidently see its application around us. Upon prediction, it’s expected that over 5 billion people would be operating technology driven by IoT in the next few years.

Even today, many modern appliances and products have applications in our daily lives using IoT. Some of these include smart thermostats, bulb lightings of the entire room, dimmable streetlights that automatically arrange their intensity as per the weather and time.

With such predictions for the future, mobile app development is sure to take effect due to the emergence of IoT in numerous aspects of our lives.

Use of cloud storage Platforms Will Surely Increase

Talking about storage and not talking about the cloud would be a shame. From a new consumer to tech-savvy everyone knows what cloud storage is. Not only cloud computing and storage is fast, it also offers ease of use for big companies and establishments as well as new start-ups.

With the ever-growing popularity of cloud storage, the future holds great chances for mobile app developers to indulge in this because, in the upcoming years, hundreds and thousands of apps are going to have cloud storage options intact. Why not make a head start in that?

Need ofTop-Notch UX is Utmost

Do you think having good mobile apps only resorts to your requirements being fulfilled? The essentials of having a great mobile app rely on how the user can interact with it. A mobile app should be made intuitively and hold the relevant information and all the things a user wishes to see while using an app. There’s no point in making an app that requires the user to do web searching and finding references regarding it.

Conclusive Thoughts

It’s no surprise that people have become more inclined towards mobile apps than traditional ways of doing things. Our lives have transcended past the point where things can be done acquired successfully only using mundane and trivial mediums. Modern problems require modern solutions and mobile apps with these new trends are the perfect answer to those problems.