Custom Boxes Give Appealing Look to Products
Custom Boxes Give Appealing Look to Products
We help you design your own custom boxes with unique alterations. Limitless alterations can be made to the design.

Custom Boxes Wholesale 

Custom boxes - Personalization has been promoted over the past few years. Gone are the days when generalized packaging was not a problem. In the past, packaging was not related to the brand’s competence. With awareness through digital and social media, the audience is concerned about the packaging as well as the quality of the product. We help to engineer a box for your product specifically from scratch. Packaging companies have made the client in charge of their own box. Each and every specification and detail are either opted by the client himself or is approved by him. 

Packaging companies have been growing and succeeding by leaps and bounds. Custom printed boxes are crafted for each and every product. Boxes vary from product to product. Different industries and products tend to have different packaging needs. We also provide cigarette boxes for the packaging of products.

Custom Boxes
Custom Boxes

All over Printing Vibrant Colours

An important feature of customization is printing. We provide the audience with precise and informative descriptions of the product. They also include important manufacturing details such as the batch number and expiration date. The base of the box and design is done with mono-color, PMS, or CMYK printing. The logo of the trademark can be printed on each box. The highlighting features for text or images include embossing, debossing, or raised ink. Finishing and silver or gold foiling are provided.

Images on the box are designed relevant to the product or age group being targeted. The ultimate outlook of the box can be kept matte, glittery, or glossy by the use of lamination sheets. Attractive prints are secured from blotching by AQ coating. UV spot treatment is a targeted therapy that provides close to reality feel and texture to the box. The selection of color is responsible for creating a persuasive box.

Versatile Designs and Style

With pride, we are known for providing pronounced custom boxes for your company. Designing is customized with all minor details. Each box is made in specific measurements. We make the perfect fit boxes with silk or cotton lining. Lousy packaging has been replaced with sophisticated packing. We make big boxes for several items to be packed in one box. Inserts or partitions play an important role in distinguishing different articles.

Various common box styles crafted by the experts include the following:

  • Lid and base type
  • Sleeve box
  • Pillow box
  • Clamshell box
  • Auto-lock bottom box
  • Reverse tuck
  • Front tuck double-layered box
  • 2 and 3 pieces set up box
  • Book-style box
  • V notch drawer box

Alterations can be made to the design for better display. We adorn the boxes with stones, pearls, stickers, and many more with ribbons. Boxes can have different sorts of straps or handles for easy carrying. Blank cigarette boxes can be made with die-cut windows for making them fascinating. Customers can see the product even without opening the box. 

Recyclable Boxes

Custom packaging boxes are made from eco-friendly materials that can be easily recycled. Unlike plastic packaging, it does not contribute to pollution while being recycled. If the brand also aligns with the agenda of environmental safety use of appropriate packaging is necessary. They are degraded naturally by a process known as biodegradation. Bacteria, fungi, and other biologically active micro-organisms convert these lightweight boxes into loam over decades. They aid in the sustainability of the ecosystem by refilling the nutrients. 

Custom Packaging Boxes
Custom Packaging Boxes

Finest Boxes

Substandard packaging is very disappointing to the audience. We believe in delivering the promised quality boxes. Custom boxes are made from the finest material that includes 

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Boxboard
  • Paper Stock
  • E-fluted corrugated material

They deliver and store products and protect them from adverse effects of external conditions like humidity, temperature, heat, or cold. No dirt or impurity can enter the box due to its sealable nature. They are made from strong materials that do not get crumbled during transfers. Their form and shape are retained. 

Advance Advertisement

For a brand to own a better place in the hearts of the audience packaging plays an important role. We provide you with memorable packaging that won’t be forgotten by the audience. Sophisticated packaging adds value to the product. Branding is much more attractive prints than a logo. We provide a persuasive box that helps in the growth of struggling brands. Your box could be your unique selling point. Product packaging is a source of marketing and has the potential to attract a new audience. 

People develop a sense of attachment with the product due to its unique cover. Teenagers and adults appreciate the effort behind the designing of a unique customized box. Box can become the identity of a brand. We provide trademarks a signature style packing that helps in building the reputation of the company. 

Incredible Facilities

CustomBoxesZone provides the best web and in-person services. There is an accessible website that is regularly updated with all kinds of information regarding the packaging. while being at your home now you can get an online quotation for your specific order. If there is a query that is not answered by the website feel free to contact our customer representative team. The networking team works day and night and can be helpful in all aspects. They assure the satisfaction of each client. 

Every customer is entertained with respect and is delivered with his ideal box. Affordable boxes are delivered to the client anywhere in the world. Boxes are mailed reliably and are delivered with our fastest turnaround services in 4-8 business days. Order can be trailed through the assigned tracking ID. 


CustomBoxesZone is known for the best quality boxes delivered reliably worldwide. We help the brands to promote their product in elite and chic packaging. Expansion of business is possible with increased sales due to attractive boxes. we help you design your own box with unique alterations. Limitless alterations can be made to the design. We offer free print support that can be revolutionizing for struggling brands or start-ups. Printing is designed by experts who sequence the text and images on the box in a fascinating manner. Tempting boxes are adorned with ribbons, pearls, stickers, or other accessories. These personalized boxes are being used as giveaway boxes on bigger events such as marriages, birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, and many more. Box style is selected by the client himself along with all other specifications. Hi-tech printed boxes are pretty much engineered by the customer and are approved before manufacturing through a custom template. Our customer representatives work 24/7 for the efficient experience of the customers.