Cardano Based DEX Platform Ravendex Launching Launchpad
Cardano Based DEX Platform Ravendex Launching Launchpad
Decentralized exchange relies on the Decentralized Exchange Script for which traders across the world can trade in a P2P trading platform.

The crypto market has been bearish for the past few days and Investors have cut most cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin from their portfolios to avoid volatile assets while considering the low side of global markets due to the hawkish Federal Reserve, expecting higher interest rates.

The Cardano roadmap is currently focusing on several updates to optimize and scale the network, hoping to achieve faster transactions and adopt the layer 2 Hydra solution, as its partner company Input Output just announced a promising scaling update that is supposed to increase Plutus script memory units per transaction to 12,5 million.

About Ravendex

Ravendex is on a mission to build and develop cutting-edge De-Fi Tailored solutions and also a decentralized exchange on Cardano Blockchain.

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Why Build A Decentralized Exchange?

A decentralized Exchange treats the transactions automatically and does not need any central authority or middleman operators during transactions. The foremost reason to start and launch an own Decentralized Exchange (DEX Platform) is that this DEX platform implements very fewer fees or requirements costs when compared to the Traditional Centralized Exchange. The Integration of Smart contracts in our DEX Platform embarks each transaction on the platform automatically, Users can experience recurring earnings as there are increasing traders for decentralized exchange every second.

  • No Middleman 
  • Blockchain Smart contracts
  • Integration of Liquidity API
  • High-volume Revenue 
  • Solitary Ownership

How Does Decentralized Exchange Script Platform Works?

A P2P Decentralized Exchange works exclusively dependent on the software. All the transactions are operating in this decentralized platform so that there is no need for an intermediate or middleman in the exchange platform.

No Signup/KYC

Because of the removing intermediaries in the DEX platform, Users need not signup or verify their KYC to start their trading in the Decentralized Exchange platform.

Wallet Connectivity

User can connect their wallet using browser extensions like Metamask, coinbase, binance smart chain in our Decentralized Exchange script to save user’s assets in a secure manner

Set An Order In DEX

All Decentralized Exchange platform supports crypto to crypto trading. With the help of the DEX platform, users can buy/sell orders to exchange cryptos with signatures.

Smart Contract Trading Mechanisms

After placing an order, the amount is debited from your wallet, and the smart contract will hold the Transaction amount until the precise match is received.

Wallet Transactions

After the precise match is received, the desired crypto will be credited to the users' wallet. Users can cancel their transaction anytime and get back the debited amount.

3 Popular types of DEX 

On-chain order books & settlements

It's entirely based on Blockchain services & it protects the user's privacy with security in this form of DEX.

Off-chain order books with on-chain settlements

As-built on the top of the Ethereum blockchain, it processes the off-chain orders & the trade entirely happens on this blockchain services. Here, the user takes control over the funds until an exchange happens.

Smart contract-based reserves

Have the power to connect the buyer & seller even in low liquidity 

Benefits Of Decentralized Exchange

The obvious benefits of the DEX platform over the centralized exchange are

Gets rid of the trustless nature, as previously said the funds are on your wallet there is extreme security, transparency, and trust.

  • Extreme privacy
  • The identity of the buyer & seller is not revealed 
  • Distributed Hosting
  • No server downtime
  • No risk
  • Easy to use 
  • High liquidity
  • Transparency
  • Security


Why SellBitBuy for Decentralized Exchange Development?

Sellbitbuy - Top-notch cryptocurrency exchange development service provider offers a decentralized exchange website to our customers across the globe, we have more than 5+ years of experience in this field. We offer a ready-made decentralized exchange script to start a decentralized exchange platform.


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