What is marketing concept?
What is marketing concept?
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The term marketing is an Anglicism that has various definitions . According to Philip Kotler (considered by some the father of marketing ) it is "the social and administrative process by which groups and individuals satisfy their needs by creating. It is actually a sub-science or area of ​​study of Management science.

In marketing is usually translated as mercadotecnia or merchandising . On the other hand, the word marketing is recognized by the DRAE ; Although the use of anglicism is allowed, the RAE recommends using the Spanish word marketing preferably . The graphic adaptation of marketing proposed by the RAE is márquetin .

Marketing involves market strategies, sales, market research, market positioning, etc.

Concept and objective:

The main objective of marketing is to favor the exchange between two parties that both benefit. According to Kotler, exchange is understood as “the act of obtaining a desired product from another person by offering something in return”. For this to occur, five conditions must be met:

If for any reason, any of the parties involved in the exchange is not satisfied, it will prevent the exchange from happening again.

organization, and satisfy the needs and desires of consumers or customers. .

Marketing is the orientation with which marketing or merchandising is managed within an organization. Likewise, it seeks to build customer loyalty, through tools and strategies; positions a product, brand, etc. in the mind of the consumer . seeking to be the main option and reach the end user ; part of the needs of the client or consumer, to design, organize, execute and control the commercialization or marketing function of the organization.

The word marketing also refers to a function or functional area of ​​the organization: the marketing area, the commercial area, the marketing department, etc. Another way of defining this concept is to consider marketing everything that a company can do to be perceived in the market (final consumers), with a vision of short and long term profitability.

An organization that wants to ensure that consumers have a positive view and opinion of it and its products must manage the product itself, its price, its relationship with customers, with suppliers and with its own employees, its own advertising in various media and media, presence in the media (public relations), etc. All is part of marketing.

In a company, normally, the Blockchain Development Company commercial area includes the marketing and sales areas to provide customer satisfaction. The concepts of marketing , merchandising , merchandising , and merchandising are used synonymously. However, the term marketing is the most used and the most widespread