Check out this particular blog and clear your confusion regarding Content writing and Copy Writing.
Check out this particular blog and clear your confusion regarding Content writing and Copy Writing.
In today’s world, content writing and copy writing are two wonderful career options that anyone can pursue. But there seems to be a lot of confusion around these two fields as to what is what. So here we present a blog where we clearly describe what is the difference between copy writing and content writing.

Difference between Content writing and Copy writing.

Content Writing 

Getting deep into what Content Writing is, it’s the creation of your words to fill-in with a purpose of educating or entertaining people around the world. With content writing you help readers entertain themselves with personal blogs or educate people with technical blogs.
Content writing is more helpful in :

BLOGS - Blogs are creative online journals written by an individual or a corporation present their documentations on thoughts, beliefs and activities. Blog can be both technical and personal by adding news and technical articles for people to learn and adding activities, personal experience to entertain people.

e-BOOKS - eBooks abbreviated as electronic books, are books published on digital platforms. It consists of texts and images readable i computers and electronic devices. Content on eBooks can be descriptive as well as narrative, depends what texts you want to create.

TUTORIAL - Tutorial’s content is basically a way of getting trained in a particular topic in word. The teachers and technical writers normally freelance for some organization to get paid and write technical content which is student oriented for good learning.

Copy Writing

Copy writing is something that is written to persuade people to take action on anything which is sales process. If your business is selling something, then you need to attract people to purchase that product. Copy writing plays are important role in your product-based business, small or big brand, what sells is the content that you provide describing the product.
Copy Writing examples are :

PPC Landing page - PPC landing page is a dedicated web page you use in paid campaigns on AdWords, Facebook, Bing, etc; where user land after clicking through the visual links. SEO Copywriting is the key to add information about the product you want to sell as it will reach the correct audience and your business gets leads as well. Users going through the landing page should believe that your product is the most amazing one they should opt.

PPC ADs - PPC advertisements are the paid campaign you run to grow your business or content to reach a mass. The contents you add to highlight your ad is an example of copy writing.

Social Media Ads - Fashion and Food Bloggers adding captions and quotes to enhance their portfolio is a part of copy writing. Business reaching out people through social media ads, add high quality contents to get leads and create a brand awareness.


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