Bulk E-mail Service Provider India
Bulk E-mail Service Provider India
The Bulk E-mail solution provided by SpaceEdge is based on specialized deliverability infrastructure and managed by a team of deliverability experts.

SpaceEdge Technology allows you to design eye-catching E-mail Marketing Campaigns that enhance sales and generate better customer relationships, whether you're a small business, a worldwide brand, a lifestyle blogger, or a non-profit organization. With premium plans, SpaceEdge is a cost-effective, user-friendly option for bulk E-mail senders.

Our pricing is based on the number of emails sent rather than the number of contacts stored, unlike other bulk E-mail providers. In this manner, you may expand your E-mail list without worrying about raising your costs.

·       Built for best E-mail marketing results

ISPs like Gmail and Outlook aren't built for Bulk E-mail distribution. When sending Bulk E-mail Campaigns or high volumes of transactional emails, you'll need a specialist E-mail marketing service provider like SpaceEdge Technology. We'll handle all of your E-mail sending needs and ensure that your emails arrive in the inbox.

·       Email deliverability you can count on

We make sure your messages don't end up in the spam folder and instead get straight to the inbox.

• Strict validation process to keep spammers out

• Sender reputations on shared IPs are closely checked

• Emails are sent quickly (99.98 percent of emails delivered in under 20 seconds)


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