9 Facebook Ad Design Trends You’re Sure To See In 2022
9 Facebook Ad Design Trends You’re Sure To See In 2022
Customer preferences are constantly changing. To help you with rising consumer needs, read this guide for some favourite Facebook Ads Wellington trends for 2022.

It is difficult for the Advertising Agencies Wellington NZ to determine the best ads to use on Facebook is a tricky business. This year, we watched specific things catch on, and now we know what kind of posts are working well. Now that the year has almost drawn to a close, here are some trends we will see more of next year in the world of paid Facebook advertising.

  1. Stop Motion

Stop motion is a great way to show happiness or even pain in an object. Think of it as putting life into an object that feels no emotions, but you still want it to have its personality. But moving objects don't always end up looking good. Some designers can make simple objects seem like the best thing on the market.

  1. Quotes and Reviews

In a world where we're bombarded with new products and services daily, marketers lean on user reviews and customer testimonials to build trust. We expect this Facebook ad design trend only to pick up the pace.

  1. Custom Illustration

High-quality product photography and eye-catching videos are becoming incredibly important in promoting a brand. Some brands have taken this one step further by launching their custom illustrated product line. This is great because these products are like walking advertisements for the brand's business, much like how branded merchandise has popped up as a typical way of connecting with customers.

  1. Product Packaging & Unboxing

Many product companies are rethinking their packaging and making it a promotional tool. Whether it's the delivery box or an unboxing of various items in a package, advertisers who place ads on Facebook may start to use the packaging as part of their design elements for future ads based on Product Manager trends.

  1. Selling Content

Many technology companies, especially B2B organizations that make the products their customers use, are going all-in on content marketing using channels like Facebook and Instagram to promote their eBooks. The trend is showing no signs of slowing.

  1. Simplified App Screenshots

While generic lifestyle imagery is becoming less effective, brands turn to the products themselves for visuals. With the growing amount of time spent swiping and scrolling on our cell phones, companies face a fine line between attracting consumers' attention with a single image without overwhelming them with details about their brand or product.

  1. Product Images in Carousels

Carousels are images or videos that can be scrolled through vertically. They're highly effective when used to explain complex product features or functions because they offer the ability to convey a lot of information in a short time. We also love them for their mobile-friendliness. Their content will adjust or reformat itself depending on how big or small your device's screen is. So if you're making an app and want to give some users (or potential users) a really quick tour of what using your product would feel like, we'd suggest designing a carousel user onboarding process!

  1. Data Visualizations and Visual Cues

Mobile marketers have to get creative when making the most of limited screen space. For example, using a combination of text and simple graphics for graphs or tables is one way that data can be quickly conveyed. This allows for the inputs to be delivered faster and more efficiently in such a situation!

  1. Flatlays

Displaying products on surfaces that catch a consumer's attention and can help tell a short story or even capture a consumer's imagination. Sight is one of the fastest ways to attract attention, and Facebook expects to see more display ads like this grace your timeline in 2022.

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