Vedant Sharma: World Famous Astrologer in India
Vedant Sharma: World Famous Astrologer in India
Vedant Sharma: World Famous Astrologer in India, Best/Top Online Astrologer in Delhi NCR, Numerologist in India, Get All Of Your Life Problem Solve Call to +91-94250-92415

World Famous Astrologer in India

Vedant Sharma: World Famous Astrologer in India, Online Best Astrologer in India

We strive to connect with the best, and therefore locating the top best Vedic astrologer in India for astrology solutions to human problems is no different. Many say, we are the best but then how to judge a good astrologer. Can there be a cheat sheet for us to judge who is a good astrologer in India. Outlook was in conversation with Vedant Sharma, a World famous astrologer in India and Karma corrector on this issue. The following are the excerpts of the interview.

How to find a good astrologer in India?

Dr Vedant Sharmaa: Lord Vishnu, while explaining the qualities of a good astrologer, had said that he who has thoroughly inspected at least fifty thousand horoscopes could be classified as an astrologer. He thus gains the capability to read the future and gets the power to resolve the native’s miseries. This will take fourteen years to study these many horoscopes if one gets access to at least ten different horoscopes daily.


So, if one has to find a good astrologer, s(he) should be looking for a person who has dedicated experience in this field. Must have some basic mathematical education as astrology is a science where mathematical calculations play immense role. Also, the majority of people should have a reasonable opinion about the astrologer. Another factor to consider is that the astrologer must have some references beyond their own social media tools.  But, do mind that your quest for a good astrologer dramatically depends upon your karma. If the malefic stars are inflicting one badly, then sometimes even the best astrologers fail.

What are the essential qualities of a good astrologer?

Dr Vedant Sharmaa: The astrologer should be well-read and should also be well versed with the Desh (country or place), Kaal(time), and Patra(individual). He should be patient, intuitive, should speak without prejudice, should speak the truth with caution, and should have immense faith and trust in God. Those having these qualities have the capability to venture into the dark unknown world of ‘future.’ 

Who can be a good marriage astrologer?

Dr Vedant Sharmaa: A astrologer who can suggest ways for even a chronic bachelor to get married, an astrologer who can infuse positivity in a marriage which is sure to break, an astrologer who knows the ways to match otherwise non-matching charts. The astrologer who focuses on matching marriage compatibility factors than just Gun Milan and an astrologer who can help convert the free-will to karma correction that could eventually alter the fate.  If an astrologer has these capabilities, then he indeed is a good astrologer for marriage consultation.

Who can be a good career and business astrologer?

Dr Vedant Sharmaa: A good astrologer for career and business not only knows the ways to analyze the career and business houses in a horoscope but also can read the different charts associated with career building and business success. Usually, it is a task to locate a qualified and experienced astrologer who has these abilities. Furthermore, in these fast-changing times, the astrologer should be well-versed in the new ever-evolving careers and new erupting businesses. Very few astrologers in this world could through horoscope judge and recommend between being an astronaut or a pilot. So, before depending on any astrologer for  career and business issues, it is advisable to check on his capabilities.


Should we trust online astrologer?

Dr Vedant Sharmaa: It all depends upon the type of consultation one has sought. Suppose it involves counseling, then online may not be the best option. But if one wants an answer in ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ then taking online consultation may work. Usually, short mechanized reports are taken online. But I recommend astrologer should vet it manually and personally also.

Free astrology predictions – can we believe in them? 

Dr Vedant Sharmaa: For entertainment, it is good, but if you have to plan your future, then free astrology predictions should be kept aside. These free astrology reports are programmed to just certain combinations; therefore, they do not give the correct picture.

Is an astrologer area-specific e.g., the best astrologer in Delhi NCR is different from the best astrologer in Mumbai or is different from the best astrologer in India?

Dr Vedant Sharmaa: No; if one astrologer is best, he is the best everywhere i.e., best in Delhi NCR, best in Mumbai, best in Noida, or best in India. Best astrologer in a particular area or counting like 10 top best astrologers in India does not appeal me somehow.

These were the extracts of the interview Outlook took of the best astrologer in India, Dr Vedant Sharmaa. To connect with him click or call his office on +91-94250-92415. Next in this series, the best astrologer for marriage problems Vedant Sharma, shall reveal few secrets on resolving marriage issues.