Top 7 Tips for Post-Construction Cleaning in Massachusetts
Top 7 Tips for Post-Construction Cleaning in Massachusetts
Particularly in the regions like Massachusetts, post-construction cleansing necessitates the need for cleaning professionals. If you do not ensure that your home gets properly cleaned, marble or gypsum dust can pose a risk, and some renovation debris can deteriorate your health. Let us dive into these effective methods for cleaning after the construction process.

The hurdles of Post Construction cleaning in Massachusetts might be disheartening at times. When it comes to building projects, many householders and property management companies underestimate the importance of hiring professional cleaning staff. The prospect of saving money by doing the clean-up yourself can be enticing. But there are several advantages to hiring commercial cleaning services like Dec Master Cleaning.


7 Tips for Post Construction Cleaning in Massachusetts

Specific tips need to be curated to reach the desired and efficient level of cleaning in post-construction areas. It is a good idea to get organized and adopt a practical approach for cleaning before one starts a post-construction clean-up. As a standard guide, begin sweeping from the farthest place (like the entrance door). Then work your way up and down, inside and out.

That being said, getting ready for the clean-up after the construction gets completed is an essential aspect. The following methods might come in handy.

1. Wipe Down Every Surface area

There will be dirt and wooden fragments scattered (at times, sawdust) after a building project. Wiping down makes the area sophisticated after the construction job, and it also ensures that no dirt or product fragments remain on sites that your family will use. Microfibre cloths like towels are the perfect tool for this task, absorbing dirt. Between shades, stair railings, door panel tops, shelf units, cabinets, side tables, and every other surface are a few spots to consider for cleaning.

To ensure that you cover every area, start at one end near the gates and make your way all around the house until you reach that very same end after one successful clean-up. Life comes full-circle.

2. Sweep before you dust

Despite the common perception, sweeping and dusting the floors afterwards is more beneficial. Numerous people believe that cleaning works best as the first step, removing the dust off the floor. On the other hand, the sweeping process spreads dust particles in the atmosphere, meaning the dirt you cleaned off the tabletop or countertop might reappear soon on the surfaces (thanks to the atmosphere). Hence, sweep first to reduce the unnecessary accumulation of dust and prevent heading back & forth between cleaning-sweeping.

3. Rescue of Baseboards as well as walls

During the construction process, the walls, as well as baseboards, will be scrapped and damaged. It is simply unavoidable. Heavy supplies and materials fixed by crews might have minor dents, scuffs, or scratches. Examine for unexpected harm like this. Patching and repainting will be necessary. After managing these issues, thoroughly clean the walls and baseboards using a dishwashing solution and vinegar combination.

4. Lighting – restoring radiance

You will be perplexed how the granular particles (dust) ended up on anything and everything. There will be grime on the lights as well as bulbs. The dust coating will limit effectiveness and emit a foul odour. Always ensure that the power is off before wiping incandescent bulbs with a damp microfiber sponge.

5. Driveways and pavements

Your visiting guests, such as relatives or friends or clients or corporate partners, create an initial impression that depends on how your entrance, walkways, and doorways look. Thus, always ensure that your sidewalks are clean without any residual construction items. Power cleanse the sidewalk and all walks outside. All through the project, dust, gravel, and fine sand have been collected, and eliminating this will make a massive difference.

6. Finishing Touches

Now that you are almost there. It is indeed time to wrap up this housekeeping effort. Vacuum any dirt from sliding doorway rails, polish door handles, wipe glass panels, receptacles, and toggles. This final phase will require a wide range of sponges.

7. Spray the air with aromatherapy

Last but not least, essential oils like eucalyptus may help filter the air while also smelling great. They can also assist in the elimination of fresh paint odours as well as any other residual construction odours. Also, who doesn’t like good smells all around? (look out for allergies, if any)

Do not forget to pat yourself on the back for the fantastic job.


All the knowledge you should grasp is to clean the entire post-construction area to an optimum level. These tips will save the day for those who bought or constructed a new house (and even serve as a beginner’s guide for some professionals).

Thinking about the other way round? Employ a commercial cleaning firm like Dec Master Cleaning to help you with this task. These commercial cleaning Services in Massachusetts are affordable, and one can readily resort to them.


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