Top 4 things while considering Airfreight Vs. Ocean freight
Top 4 things while considering Airfreight Vs. Ocean freight
Do you know what is the best option for shipping goods? Airfreight or sea freight, which are the best options to transport goods overseas?

When it comes to global trade practices, there is much debate over the choice between ocean freight and air freight. Those looking for a freight forwarder in Nepal must know the ideal mode ofShipping for them. Both of these shipping options carry different importance and advantages for businesses. If you want to know more about which one, should you choose between them, we will help you out how.

Top 4 Factors to consider Air freight Vs. Ocean freight

Cost of the shipment

The cost of the shipment, either by the Ocean or the Air, is based on many factors. There is a myth that Shipping by the ocean is cheaper than Air. However, this is not true, as the shipping cost is based on the weight of your consignment and destination. It is best to ask your freight forwarder in Nepal about their cost packages. It will help you get an idea about how much it will be going to cost you. Different additional charges are included with the weight of the Cargo, such as custom fees, destination fees, insurance charges, warehousing charges, and other miscellaneous charges.

If you want to transport bulkier and oversized goods, then Shipping will be a cost-efficient method for you. However, the warehousing charges t the seaports can be an expensive deal for you. Thus, we can choose the type of Shipping according to toyour needs and the best possible methods after doing proper research.

A reliable method

When it comes to reliability, no one can beat Airfreight shipping. It is very common for the ships to get delayed by days or even weeks to transport their goods. Airlines also get delayed due to bad weather conditions and disasters. However, it does not happen very often. Timely delivery is a significant factor for businesses. For some, a delay for a day or two won’t affect a lot. However, for some companies, it can make a significant impact on their operations. Thus, we can say that air freight forwarding services in Nepal are the most reliable option for businesses owners.

Environmental aspects

It is often said that businesses cannot survive for longer by leaving the environment at stake. Business owners must take care of the environment during their operations. It also helps to gain your audience’s trust as they will think that your company thinks about the environment and their future. When it comes to environmental factors, the sea freight forwarding services in Nepal are leading the battle. It is believed that the CO2 emissions are higher in Airfreight than Ocean freight. Moreover, the impact of oil spills in Ocean freight in a large amount is also a cause of concern for environmentalists.

Speed of shipment

Speed is a crucial aspect for businesses when it comes to freight forwarding services in Nepal. Everyone knows that Air freight services are the best option when it comes to speed. Delivering goods through air freight takes only a day or two. However, Ocean freight forwarding can take 2-3 weeks and sometimes even a month based on the weather conditions. However, with the increase in technology, shipment routes are also improving to shorten the distance. Now Ocean freight also does not take much time.


As you can see that both air freight and ocean freight vary with each other differently, there are various things that you should consider before you choose a freight forwarder in Nepal. Now you can understand that the best option depends on the type of goods and the destination point you select. Everything else will be based on these factors. Consider the above points before you choose the type of shipment you want.