Tips for mastering the art of handling freight tender
Tips for mastering the art of handling freight tender
Handling a freight tender is one of the biggest responsibilities for freight forwarders in Dubai. Here is how you can become an expert in the art of handling it

Freight forwarding is an essential tool for businesses to fulfill their transportation needs. With the massive increase in international trade in recent years, the demand for expert logistics solutions has increased widely. Mastering the art of freight tender is no easy task. In Dubai, freight forwarding companies need to go through a rigorous process to become reliable and convenient freight forwarders to get the freight tender. But what are the ways to master the art? Here we are going to make you understand that:


Market research


Without the proper market research, it won’t be easy for you to master the art of freight tender across the world. Know about the various shipping companies and learn about their specialization. Also, make sure to register with them so you can be notified when there is a tender at the company. However, it is essential for freight forwarders in Dubai to keep following them rather than waiting for their notification.


Fill the RFI


RFI is a request for information used by companies to collect the details of the freight forwarding companies in Dubai. The shipping companies send the RFI document to use the details later for shortlisting the companies. This is the first and most crucial step of freight forwarding as it helps them get an idea about the expertise of the freight forwarders in Dubai.


Know the requirements


Understanding the needs of the shipping company is crucial before you bid for the tender. So, if you want the tender, make sure to follow up about their overall needs. The shipping companies send the RFP (Request for proposal or RFQ (Request for quotation) to the shortlisted candidates. So, make sure that you maintain a complete follow-up.


Attend the orientation meeting


The shortlisted candidates are invited to the RFP orientation meeting for better clarity about the project. Attend the orientation meeting to discuss the various aspects of the entire process, including deadlines, systems, management, and the overall implementation. Freight forwarding companies in Dubai must attend this meeting to learn about the core concept of the entire process.


Understand carefully and clarify


First, you need to understand the requirements and demands of your client. A lot of tenders include multiple port requirements, routing, and rate patterns. Make sure to fill in the correct and suitable details to save the time and efforts of both parties. Also, you have the option to ask for clarifications anytime. Freight forwarders in Dubai must ensure that all the details are correct to have minimum mistakes during the process.