The Top Characteristics of a Great Business Logo | VIC Signs
The Top Characteristics of a Great Business Logo | VIC Signs
Your business logo design is the first thing that customers will notice and can say a lot about your business. VIC Signs, top producer of quality shop signage in Melbourne, lists the traits your business logo should have for it to be a great one.

First impressions last. Your business logo is the first thing that customers see and can leave a lasting impression on them. It can say a lot about your business and serves an integral role in your branding. A memorable logo design is one that has an identity that consumers relate to and become attracted to. This is why it is vital to make sure that when you create your business logo, it really represents your brand and has the ability to connect with your customers.

There are several aspects that make up a logo design. But the best logo designs, even how unique they may be, usually share the following characteristics.


One of the top characteristics of a good logo is that it is pleasing to the eyes. Do a simple survey and ask your friends or colleagues to be honest and tell you if they like the logo. How does the logo make them feel? Will it do well when put side by side by the competitors’ logos? Also take the opportunity to ask them for some suggestions on how to make it look better. 


A great logo should be simple. Create a logo using only a few shapes, colours, and gimmicks. Simple logos are timeless and can save you the stress and additional expenses for a redesign.


Business logos are often placed on a variety of mediums. Make sure that no matter how much your logo is scaled up or down, it can still be recognizable. Think about if your logo can fit in a ballpen giveaway or if it still looks good when enlarged to fit an ad on a bus. It should also look equally good on any web or mobile application and on any kind of print material like fabric, tarpaulin, etc.

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Sometimes, your logo will not be printed in full-colour. Will it still be recognizable only in black and white like in a newspaper ad or a shipping label? A great logo can still maintain its great presence without its true colours. A strong icon will not need colour to stand out.