The Poor Man's Chopping List
The Poor Man's Chopping List
Statement of creative stance: It is the basic bottom line of the author's creative work to adhere to an independent evaluation point of view,

The Poor Man's Chopping List

Statement of creative stance: It is the basic bottom line of the author's creative work to adhere to an independent evaluation point of view, and will never be biased by the source of the goods.


Hello, I'm Rosp. One third of your life is spent in bed, maybe not only for some people, but the comfort of that third is not directly determined by the bed, but by the mattress, the pillows and the bedding, which are the key to a good night's sleep. Of course, the prerequisite is that your bed is also strong enough to not creak when you move. This article and you share my recent use. I feel good, the future of the new house delivery will most likely continue to buy these comfortable sleep goodies.


-- SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress


My daughter's mattress has finally been bounced down after years of tireless work by my niece and her. A mattress is one of the most direct objects that affects the feeling of sleep, and I definitely had to pick it carefully. This Dreamy Hybrid Mattress, despite its name, was the top seller in its category during Black Friday, the result of many consumers voting with their money, so to speak, and the fact that it is the only product under its name shows that people approve of it.


 What others find comfortable doesn't necessarily mean it's suitable. But this shop promises a free 100-day trial, and if you still don't think it's a good idea, the shop will even cover the return shipping costs, so what's there to worry about? I'm not sure why the shop is so confident until I start using it, but it's really good for sleeping!


The Bedding Sets Twin was delivered directly to your door, and it came in a box that didn't look very big, but the weight was really not light, and from what I felt when I put my hands on it, it could weigh 100 pounds, and the material used was solid enough.


After unpacking the box, in addition to the rolled up mattress inside also sent a cutting knife, an environmental bag and instructions, want to open this rolled up mattress natural to use next to this cutting knife, note that must be far from the blue one, do not cut hard, or there is a risk of the blue jacket cut open mouth ...... do not ask me how to know The o(╥﹏╥)o...... addition, there are springs inside, so pay attention to leave space when you open it.


The mattress appears to be upside down when opened like this ...... What you see is the bottom side, and you can see that there are dense springs inside.


The surface of the mattress looks like a honeycomb structure after it has been opened, and it is very breathable and should be made of Tencel, which is also very comfortable to the touch. I didn't take apart the structure.


The surface layer is removable for cleaning, so don't worry, even if my daughter can't wait to jump on the mattress with her little black feet for a while I'm still calm ...... wife, wife, put the ruler in your hand ...... for a bamboo pole!


This mattress at first contact to give people the feeling of softness, may be the surface of the non-temperature memory foam brought about, is the kind of feeling like being in the clouds, light and comfortable, feel the whole body pressure are unconsciously dissipated. At the same time, it doesn't feel stuffy, even in summer, even if the room is open to the windows and not air-conditioned, it doesn't feel stuffy at all when you lie on it.


When you feel it carefully, you can feel the full support of the body underneath the softness, not the feeling that you are sinking into the sponge, but the right support for the waist, legs and shoulders, so that the body maintains its normal physiological curve. Even for a fat person like me, who is 180 in height and weight.


Whether you lie flat or on your side, or on your stomach, you can feel the gentle support. When I get up after a night's sleep, I feel relaxed, unlike the usual backache I get in the morning when I sleep on a soft bed, and it's a new feeling for me to get used to the firmness of a brown mattress, so I don't have to rely on a quilt underneath me to provide cushioning. I can say that this mattress has the traditional impression of a soft bed that is comfortable and does not pinch, but also has the support of a hard bed. A balance of comfort and health.


The most intuitive benefit of this mattress is that it is not disturbing to each other, even if I am tossing and turning next to the weight of the mattress, the water in the red wine glass is not even rippling, so you can imagine how the person next to you feels.


Even if I slammed my 180 pounds of meat on it, the effect on the next person would be minimal and there's no noise, no springs, no creaks, it's really friendly to couples sleeping together and you don't have to worry about waking up your other half.


All in all, this mattress is both comfortable and supportive enough to make sleeping easy and refreshing, and it also effectively eliminates disturbances to the other half, so it's really good for sleeping. It's no wonder that the shop is confident that everyone who sleeps on this mattress will leave it behind without being whoring themselves out, and anyway, our family of four, including this little 3-month-old beanbag, said it was so comfortable that we had to keep it.

-- SweetNight Melody | Down Alternative Pillow

This pillow was actually won in a review on Big Mother, the previous memory foam space pillow was not supportive enough, after all I am 10 pounds, mainly fat in the upper body, broad shoulders and big head, the weight on the pillow is not light, plus drooling and so on, odour and mite problems are very serious, so I threw it away and replaced it with this SweetNight Melody | Down Alternative Pillow. The Alternative Pillow is a great alternative to the SweetNight Melody.


The natural properties of the latex material give it a certain anti-bacterial and anti-mitotic effect, which is perfect for people like me who have oily skin and severe dandruff. This, combined with the good breathability that comes with the shape, makes it friendly for people like me who have allergic sinusitis and whose allergens are still dust mites.


The ergonomic shape of this product allows you to lie flat or on your side and provides plenty of support and relaxation for your neck.


This pillow comes with a two-layer cover, the inner layer is breathable and the outer layer is comfortable and antibacterial, this shape also ensures that it is breathable and does not stain the skin. Of course, the pillowcase can be removed and washed, so the problem of odour is not much to worry about.


OK, that's all for today's sharing.

I'm Rosp, a foodie who loves fitness, digital, and action movies.


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