Technical Writing Course
Technical Writing Course
Technical Writing Master Course | 5 Weeks Online Technical Writing Courses by IIM SKILLS, 100% Placement Support, Internship & More

Technical Writing Course

→ 1 Month Guaranteed Internship

→ Lifetime Support (Consulting & Technical)

→ Portfolio Development For Job/Freelance

→ Publishing Your First White Paper

→ Publishing a Scholarly Article or Book Chapter

→ Publish Your First Technical Blog with Times of India Blog.

Master Certification

Global Accreditation, Master Certification (TWMC®) from IIM SKILLS.

Solve Real-Time Questions with our Online Technical Writing Community having 2000 +active members.

Get Practical Exposure with MS Visio, MS Project, Git, Scribus.

26+ Hours of Live Online Training, 60+ hours of assignments.

Get access to all the latest content in your learning management system. Access it anytime anywhere + Attend Classes unlimited times forever at No Extra Cost.

+18% GST

Our premium-quality, unique courseware is articulately designed by mentors with extensive experience in the technical writing domain to make TWMC the Best Technical Writing Course in India. According to industry standards, care is taken to curate the course, making individuals who take the course job-ready upon completion.

1. Introduction (60 mins)

2. How to write (180 mins)

3. Creating your content (180 mins)

You will learn to use MS Visio, MS Project, and other open-source tools to develop content for your document.

4. Technical Reports (60 mins)

5. White Papers/Journals (90 mins)

6. DDLC & Versioning (90 mins)

7. Conversational Writing (60 mins)

8. Reviewing & Publishing (90 mins)

9. API documentation using XML (120 mins)

10. Datasheets, User Manuals, and application notes (120 mins)

11. Effective writing (60 mins)

12. Medical Writing

13. Case study – Application notes from Texas (120 mins)

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The Technical Writing Course focuses on all the core skills essential to ace the technical writing field. Completion of this course ensures individuals acquire skills to:


Technical Writing Tools You Will Master

Relevant and Standard Tools: Scour the internet, and you will be amazed at the number of technical writing tools out there. For any newbie, it can be overwhelming and daunting to understand the tools and their purposes.

The Technical Writing Master Course incorporates the most relevant and practical tools to curate your technical content. Investing in the right tools and software are a wonderful means to simplify any process. We reveal and educate you on the best software tools there are in the domain of technical writing.

There are no set prerequisites to attend the Technical Writing Training at IIM SKILLS. As an ideal candidate, you would need to be:

For individuals new to technical writing, the Technical Writing Master Course acts as a launchpad for technical writing careers. For those who already have some experience, our training program will reinforce and consolidate your fundamentals and groom you for better jobs in the industry.

Tues & Thur - 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (IST)

Sunday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (IST)

100% Money-Back Guarantee: If you do not like our course, you can claim a 100% money return after your first session.

Certification Fee: Price includes exam and certification fees.

Group Discount: 10% group discount on 3 or more registration.

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The online Technical Writing Training at IIM SKILLS is an excellent fit for anyone with an intention to learn and determination to make a career in Technical Writing. Self-motivation and a will to up-skill for professional growth will take you places. Individuals from fields as diverse as software engineers, lawyers, journalists, teachers, and content writers become great technical writers. Broadly speaking, the audience that would benefit from the course include:

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It can be considered the bridge between people who make technology and people who use it. The technical writers translate the complex operations and functions of various products and processes into simple, coherent, clean, and crisp writing comprehensible to the average reader.

If you think you are someone who has a love for all things tech, thinks logically, can write clear and concise step by step communication, you are an ideal fit for our Online Technical Writing Master Course.

Salient Features Of Our Course Technical Writing Training

Interactive Sessions

Our training is online via Zoom sessions. But worry not, studying online doesn’t mean it is one-way learning. You will work through the technical writing program with a diverse group of students and a cordial mentor, exchanging experiences, ideas, and expertise and engaging in online discussions. Your mentor is just an email away for any queries.

We take care to cater to the scheduling needs of working professionals, keeping flexible timings so you can learn alongside your jobs. Learn anytime from anywhere through our online program; all you need is a computer/laptop and internet connection.

All our instructors are certified professionals with a wealth of experience. They provide you with step-by-step guidance and walk you through the entire process of planning, writing, design elements, and editing. Our mentors make your journey through technical writing training worthwhile and fruitful with tips, quality training, instructions, and valuable feedback.

Our learning management system is extremely user-friendly and is a repository of all the entire courseware and session recordings, available to you 24/7.

A program aligned with the core competencies, your IIM SKILLS Master Certification in technical writing is shareable. It is ideal to showcase to potential future employers. You can attach it with your portfolio or LinkedIn profiles, flaunt it as you please. It is an achievement and an indication of your commitment to lifelong learning.

An internship solidifies and cements all your learning. At IIM SKILLS, we believe in empowering you with functional and actionable skills and go all the way to enable you to do so. Enrol in the internship to get a feel of the real-world work scenario before leaping into the professional world.

We design a flawless curriculum in a way that builds upon and reflects the real-world job industry. Our training is out and out practical and helps you master all modules, from fundamentals to advance. From identifying your audience, topic research, and content creation to design elements, types of technical documents, and formatting for each, our comprehensive course covers it all.

Technical writing training is incomplete without mastery of tools that matter. We equip you with the most relevant software tools that make technical writing a breeze.

Free support beyond the training program. Join our forum and be a part of the community for life. The post-training support keeps you connected to your mentors for any help and insights you may need.
Free backup classes. Missed classes are no more a gap in your learning. We provide recordings of all sessions for you to visit or revisit and strengthen your understanding.
Free interview prep. From a worthy resume to grooming for interviews, we will counsel you on the best practices and expectations for a career in technical writing.
Free Job Referrals: We also go the extra mile in providing job referrals to suitable candidates.

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On successful registration, you will get access to the 5 Weeks Online Technical Writing Master Course & pre-reading material in your LMS.

Our Certified Technical Writing Master Course comes with the flexibility of the Weekdays (Tues & Thurs) and Weekend (Sunday) option. Choose one that fits you.

An attendance of 70% is mandatory to be eligible for the IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Master Course examination. Note: For some reason, if you miss your live session, completing your course through recorded sessions also counts for attendance.

Note: Video Recording is calculated in your attendance.

The Technical Writing Master Course examination is an online exam. You will receive a soft copy of the certification upon successful exam completion.

Online Certificate copies will be delivered within 15 days of your results on your mail.

You can grab our non-paid virtual internship once you get through the internship test.
* 1-month internship.
* Internship Certificate will be provided.

As a part of our training, we will guide you on the scope in the freelance industry as well. Once you are a professional technical writer, we will train you on grabbing various freelance opportunities and creating client proposals.

Note: A participant must understand marketing and sales skills to grab the freelance project. Ask your counsellor before enrolling.

As a leader in Technical Writing, many organizations approach us for their hiring needs. We provide job referrals and interview assistance to our Master Graduates and help them schedule interviews.

Note: Job Guarantee is more through individual capabilities, and we do not promote assured jobs.

As professional technical writers, you can:
* Freelance and work from home.
* Take up a lucrative full-time technical writing job.
* Become a technical writing coach and train others in the field.

Talking To An Expert

Online Demo Class

A subset of technical communication, technical writing is a professional and specialized task. There is undeniably an enormous demand for specialists in Technical Writing. In fact, technical writing is a global profession.

While there is an ever-increasing demand for skilled technical writers, there are very few training institutes. IIM SKILLS is happy to launch a full-fledged technical writing training program to train aspiring individuals.

In a dynamic market with ferocious competition, it is essential to have skilled technical writers to capture the audience’s attention. No matter how brilliant a product or idea, its value increases manifold through effective communication. Oft-neglected is the element of human communication, lost in the extensive tech lingo. When in technical writing, you need to understand the workings of a product not from the developer but from the user’s point of view.

An extremely coveted skill, the demand for professional technical writers is anticipated to swiftly spiral up, with technology and innovations continually churning out new and improved products and processes.

Every industry requires documentation. As a skilled professional technical writer, you have enormous job opportunities in sectors including but not limited to the IT industry, manufacturing sector, Medicine, Service industries, defence sector, and customer support.

The profession of technical writing is projected to grow faster than the average of most other occupations over the next decade. Some of the big international companies hire full-time technical writers. These include Oracle, Microsoft, Nokia, HP, Google, Amazon, Adobe, JCB, HCL, Philips, Hitachi, DELL, SAP, etc.

A steady increase in outsourcing technical writing to India has opened up a whole new job market. Many IT professionals are also transitioning to technical writing.

The natural career progression is from an intern to an associate to a technical writer. With experience and expertise, you can scale onto the position of senior technical writer, lead technical writer, documentation manager, and senior documentation manager.

Technical writers also go by other titles and designations varying from industry to industry. Technical communicator, technical author, technical content writer, documentation manager are all the same technical writer profiles, with just different names.

Salary is conceivably the most important deciding factor to take up a career after aptitude. One of the emerging high-paying jobs in India, the average salary for technical writers varies with not just the city but the company/organization/sector.

As per, the average technical writer salary in India is INR 549,532/year. On the lower end range, the compensation can be INR 355,183/year on average, and with experience, the high-end range can go up to INR 1,339,522/year. The report also indicates that technical writer salary is highest in Delhi, followed by Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

An entry-level technical writer can earn an average of INR 227,536/year. A mid-level technical writer (six to ten years’ experience) can expect, on average, a salary of INR 868,727/year.


Embark on a Career 10X more Rewarding as a Technical Writer

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Most technical writers come from diverse educational backgrounds. While graduation from any field is a prerequisite, you need much more than the ability to write to become a technical writer.

A quick heads-up on some skills that you need to become a professional technical writer:

To acquire all of these skills, one needs a certain amount of guidance and handholding. Hence, irrespective of the stream of graduation, a technical writing course is a prerequisite for a career in technical writing.

A holistic training program like the Online Technical Writing Master Course at IIM SKILLS will give you the necessary insights and in-depth information. Our training program design transforms you into an industry-ready technical writer, equipping you with complete and thorough knowledge of the concepts, formats, design tools, and types of documentation.


Sign-up for the Technical Writing Master Course and uncover your hidden potential

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A stellar institute with a global presence, IIM SKILLS is your destination to upgrade your skills for both personal and career advancement. With continuously emerging new technologies, it is imperative to keep abreast of the changes and update your skills and work practices. We, at IIM SKILLS, help you maintain a competitive edge with our industry-focused short-term courses.

In this hands-on technical writing training program, you will master the skills to translate and communicate complex technical information into reader-friendly written documentation. With our expert mentoring and tried and tested tips and techniques, you are sure to find technical writing a breeze.

Having trained over 15000 + individuals since 2015, we endeavor to help you through a lifelong journey of learning. Our commitment to high-quality, hands-on training, student support, and reasonable course fees make our trainees and students our brand ambassadors.

Dive into our Technical Writing Master Course and enjoy the challenges of understanding complex technical information and interpret it in easy steps.

IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Master Course is the best online course available to master technical writing skills. Faculties are great and overall course has provided me hands on experience with good knowledge about various tools.

Anubhav Bhandari

ICICI Bank LTD, Kolkata

The course structure was really good, weekly assessments and feedbacks were provided on time. Faculty holds very strong experience in the industry. I strongly suggest online technical writing course at IIM SKILLS to all the writers.

Bhumika Sharma

Senior Editor, Hinduja Group Mumbai

At IIM SKILLS I have learned practical skills about Technical Writing, Research Papers and Medical Writing. This is one of the most advanced course available in the market. No other program covers this level of comprehensive study with hands on projects. Overall a nice package delivered by IIM SKILLS at very affordable fee.

Nishant Jha

Senior Associate Fidelity, Gurgaon

Technical writing, in simple terms, in the form of writing that simplifies complex jargon-laden documents into an easily understood form so that it is easy for the reader to comprehend the topic well. It encompasses all complex documents including software manuals, policy manuals, analysis reports, summaries of long reports, briefs, and executive statements among others. 


Technical writing is not confined to esoteric industries. It encompasses a range of sectors including finance, Information Technology (IT), biotech, telecommunications, academics, publishing, engineering, manufacturing, supply chains, aerospace, and many others. 

Our training is entirely online, and you do not have to commute to any particular place. Just log into Zoom with the link we mail you, and you are good to go.

Our technical writing course fee is just 12900 + taxes. You can avail of the option of paying in installments through leading bank credit cards.

IIM SKILLS is a global leader in the online education industry, crafting industry-focused courses since 2015. Here are some reasons why you should opt for the technical writing program at IIM SKILLS:

It is a vast subject that involves documentation such as instruction manuals, reviews, and reports, handbooks, style guides, catalogs, business plans, policies, procedures, proposals, etc.

No. It is not imperative to have a computer science qualification or programming knowledge. An ability to use computers and the internet with good English communication skills are sufficient to take up this course. We will train you on the technical aspect during the course.

It is very beneficial to take up a technical writing course that offers a diploma, certificate, or degree. Technical writing is a form of content writing and just like any other form of writing, you need to understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts to do your job optimally. Also, technical writing has its set of rules, regulations, best practices, to make your write-up more appealing. All these elements are covered in a comprehensive technical writing course that helps to give you a thorough understanding of the technical writing process. 

If you are a content writer planning to transition from content writing to technical writing, a technical writing certification can come to great use. Content writers create content for various formats like blogs, articles, web copy, SEO content, social media content. They already have clarity on what content writing entails. Technical Writing training strengthens your knowledge and gives you a different career avenue to pursue which can be fulfilling. 

Technical writing is essentially a branch of content writing. In this field, you need superior research skills and an understanding of how to create articles that are easy for people to understand in specific subjects. A technical writing certification equips you with knowledge on certain factors like technical writing methods, technical writing tools, style guides that help you to master skills required to excel in a career in technical writing. 

The opportunities presented to technical writers today are multifarious. Several industries require the services of competent technical writers to simplify complex projects and writeups to be able to connect with the target audience. As a technical writer, you are given to write instruction manuals, articles, journals, instruction guides, how-to guides, details on software and hardware products, analysis reports summary of complex long documents. Several industries require technical writers. Some of the industries to work for are defence, aerospace, healthcare, medical, automobile, software, and hardware, heavy machinery, healthcare, publishing among others. 

Technical writing has gained importance in the past few years. Technology is a significant part of businesses today. With most industries going online to connect with their focus customer group, these industries must communicate effectively to create an impact. To achieve this, companies have to create content that is easy to comprehend and connect with. This is where technical writers come into play. A technical writing training covers all the aspects of technical writing. You need a certain level of guidance when you are first starting technical writing. Hence, they are in huge demand today. To become a proficient technical writer, one has to understand the essentials of writing such documents. You will also have to possess knowledge of technical writing tools, software, and applications that makes the work easier and more effective. 

IIM SKILLS is one of the top Ed-Tech institutes today offering a variety of high-grade courses. The Technical Writing Master Course is a premium course that incorporates every pertinent point essential to becoming an astute technical writer. The IIM SKILLS Technical Writing Certification validates your competency in creating impeccable technical documents. You can use it in your CV, post it on different digital channels including job portals and LinkedIn for potential employers to spot you. 


The internship will strengthen your core understanding of digital marketing and empower you with the confidence to get out of your comfort zone and create documents that speak of your insight on technical writing. 

The course is 5 weeks of immersive live training that includes 20 hours of lectures with 60 + hours of practical assignments. You get knowledge of software tools including MS Project, MS Visio GIT, Scribus. You also get lifetime access to the content and recorded class sessions. You also get lifetime support from both consulting and technical aspects. The curriculum is formulated keeping in mind the industry trends and changes. All the updated information is available to you for lifetime access. 

The technical writing certification at IIM SKILLS is a meticulously designed pedagogy that helps you to create succinct technical copies that are engaging and help to connect with the target consumer group. You get knowledge of all the forms of technical writing documents and implement complex software and tools. With this course, you learn to incorporate the best practices and rules of technical writing to explain the concepts better. 

One of the most significant features of this course is the learning management system (LMS) which you can access at your own convenience. You have lifetime free access to the LMS. Moreover, it is regularly updated with new information. This enables you to keep abreast of all the new changes happening in the technical writing domain. You become more circumspect and create content aligning with the needs of the target consumers. 

The Technical Writing Course at IIM SKILLS is ideal for content writers, copywriters, marketing executives, documentation and control engineers, design and development professionals, software engineers, hardware engineers, and existing technical writers who want to upskill. You become more incisive in your understanding of technical writing concepts. 

With the technical writing course at IIM SKILLS, you will become adept at identifying your target consumer and crafting your document in a manner easy for them to understand. You will also bolster your existing writing skills. Most importantly, you will equip yourself with all the information on software and tools required to create impeccable technical documents. 


You will gain advanced skills in creating more focused documents. You’ll also learn the technical terms and glossaries innate to a particular technical writing domain. 

Technical writing also entails adherence to certain rules and formatting techniques. You will learn to master the skills along with learning to create visually attractive documents that will enhance the experience of your target consumers resulting in better engagement. You will understand the novelty of Technical communication and decide the proper format to communicate the information in the best way possible. 

If you have a flair for writing and a penchant for technical communication, you might be looking at a very bright career in technical writing. Technical writing isn’t limited to a certain educational background. Anyone can take up technical writing provided you want to work in that domain. So, a marketing executive can very well go on to become a vastly successful technical writer. 

The program at IIM SKILLS comes with learning materials, and resources available to you as soon as you register for the course. There is no extra charge for any resource material including case studies and other information. The LMS (Learning Management System) houses all the resource material available to you at your fingertips. 

Yes, most definitely. Once you enrol for the technical writing course at IIM SKILLS, you get access to the learning management system for free forever. Even after you complete the course, give your examination, and get your certificate, you will be able to access the learning materials and resources, always. The best part is, your course materials get updated with all the latest content. So you don’t miss out on any relevant details of the technical writing industry. 

With the Online technical writing course at IIM SKILLS, you get complete flexibility in choosing your batch according to your preference. IIM SKILLS conducts weekday and weekend batches. You can choose to enrol in whichever batch suits you. IIM SKILLS also has the provision for you to change your batch if you find the initial batch you chose is interfering with your prior commitments. IIM SKILLS provides all the features to help you to attend the sessions stress-free with complete concentration on upskilling yourself in the technical writing course. 

After the 5 weeks of training in a technical writing course, you get a guaranteed internship of 1 month with IIM SKILLS. Here, you create technical articles and develop your skills in practical projects. This internship allows you to understand how things work in real-time. You also get to encounter the challenges that professional technical writers face and how to overcome these challenges to turn into qualified and confident technical writers. After the end of this internship, you will get an internship certificate. During the internship, you will be apprised of the scope of freelancing. You can decide whether freelancing is suited to you. The mentors guide you to prepare client proposals and offer tips on how to spot lucrative freelance opportunities. Before enrolling in the program, you can always consult with the counsellor on how to to get freelancing opportunities. You will get a good idea on much marketing, and sales skills go into bagging lucrative freelance projects.

The enrollment process for the Online technical writing course is hassle-free. After you go through the details of the technical writing course, you can contact the institute, talk to an expert and clear your doubts. You have an online demo class for technical writing available to you. After you register for the course, you get all the course materials and resources for the 5 weeks of Online technical writing training with access to the study e-portal. You can go through the reading materials. At the time of registration, you will be able to select the batch for which you want to enrol. Once registration is complete, you will have to attend the live sessions for these 5 weeks. 

An attendance of 70% is compulsory to sit for the technical writing training examination. If you miss any class, you can attend it later through the recorded sessions. It will be counted in your attendance details. Finally, you have to sit for the technical writing examination. Once you meet the requisite scores for passing the exam, you will get the certificate of completion within 15 days of your results. Note that the certificate is a soft copy delivered to your registered mail ID with us. 

IIM SKILLS has an exceptional placement cell that helps you to connect with leading organizations and corporate brands to get the desired job based on your acumen and skillsets. Some of the top multinational corporations that have a tie-up with IIM SKILLS for the technical writing placement opportunities are Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Adobe, Cisco.

A switch from content writing to technical writing requires you to gain knowledge on this super-specific niche and its different elements. A strong grasp of the English language and superior communicative skills are prerequisites to becoming a successful technical writer. Since content writing and technical writing are both ways of communicating the core points to the target audience, a person in the content writing industry already understands the immense importance of audience analysis. That is one of the primary deciding factors in creating great technical content. You need to have a more insightful understanding of this niche and polish up your skills to make a mark for yourself in this highly rewarding but competitive industry. 

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind when creating technical writing documents is to understand your audience well and make thorough research on the buyer persona. Research in-depth about the topic and create a list of important information that is to be incorporated in the document. You have to also take into account the layout, and design of the content wisely. Structure your content judiciously and incorporate the best practices of technical writing to create technical documents that resonate with your target reader. 

Technical writers are needed in almost all industries today. Technology is omnipresent today. All software, hardware, applications, and tools require communicating with the target audience to get the message across. Industries like manufacturing, Information technology, medicine, defence, web development all require core competency in technical writing to establish a connection with their Focus group. 

After you complete the technical writing training, you can either start looking for placement opportunities, or create your own website and start your freelance business. You can also start your own technical writing coaching to impart the knowledge to budding technical writers. 

From the viewpoint of technical writers, a career in the technical writing field offers a diverse range of opportunities. You can start with becoming an intern or technical writing assistant/associate. You can then take up senior positions in documentation, managing technical writing projects, and technical marketing content managers among others. 


For a customer, technical writing helps to simplify complex jargon-filled copies into simple documents. These help consumers to retain information better and are easily understood. 

The best option would be to sign up for a high-grade technical writing course. It is going to provide you with knowledge and exposure to different corporate organizations and multinational corporations. You can then apply to different technical writer designations based on your skills, and expertise. Enrolling in a technical writing course will provide you with networking opportunities that, in turn, will open up several career avenues for you. 


These technical writing courses from leading institutes also come with internship opportunities that help you to get an idea of how things work in real-time and what real technical writing projects look like. This enables you to gain a better understanding and become more confident individuals able to pursue technical writing with full conviction. 

Yes, IIM SKILLS offers a comprehensive technical writing course that includes providing you with all the information on authoring tools, design tools, and project management tools. MS Visio, GitHub, MS project, Scribus, Canva, PowerPoint, Word, XML are just some of the tools covered in the technical writing course. 

There are diverse opportunities available to people who want to work from home and pursue a career in technical writing. Information is available online and can be communicated by emails and other tools. There is no need to work in a physical office setup. The criteria to excel in a technical writing career is to abide by all the guidelines provided by your client to create simple content, to cater to the needs of the common readers, and to submit work within the deadline. 

The technical writing program at IIM SKILLS is an exhaustive program of 5 weeks covering all aspects of technical writing. From the simplest elements to the most prominent details, all are covered in this course giving you an all-around understanding of technical writing through interactive sessions. 

Yes, you will have to sit for an exam after the course is over to get the certificate of completion from IIM SKILLS. 

The Online technical writing course at IIM SKILLS is conducted both on weekends and weekdays. The weekend batches are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the weekend batch is on Sundays. A weekday batch is for 2 hours each day, the weekend batch (Sunday) is a total of 4 hours of intensive training. 

The technical writing master course at IIM skills includes 20 hours of lecture along with 60 + hours of practical assignments. In the course, you will not just learn to create engaging technical documents. You will also understand how to use the different tools and software that make it easier for technical writers to create more effective content in a short span of time. 

The technical writing training from IIM SKILLS is industry-recognized, and the curriculum has been prepared by researching and consulting different industries. 

You can always connect with the mentors and the help desk if you have any queries or doubts regarding the technical writing program. Moreover, you will always have access to mentor support and the help desk at IIM SKILLS. Mentor assistance and query resolution are available to you after you have completed the course, gotten your certificate, and landed your first job in technical writing.

No worries. We have you covered in the rare event that you miss any session. As a backup, we record all our live sessions. Feel free to access it through the learning management system.

The first session is mandatory for all participants. After the first session, if you are not satisfied with the training or our methodology, you can claim a refund. The refund request is valid only for 24 hours after the first session. Post that, our refund policy does not entertain any requests for cancellations.

The purpose of technical writing is to simplify the complex. Not everyone is comfortable with technical terms involved in a product or process. Technical writing aims to convert complex communication into relevant, accurate, and useful information in an easily understandable language.

While it is impossible to overlook writing skills, there are few other skills that make for an excellent technical writer. Good research and exploration skills, technical skills, ability to work with various tools, design skills, being systematic and organized, and critical thinking are some factors that make for an excellent technical writer.

After a thorough and intensive training with IIM SKILLS, we are optimistic that our candidates will be absorbed into high-paying jobs effortlessly. Many companies approach us with requirements, and the deserving candidates will get referrals. We extend our help with interview and resume preparation; further, it is the individual capability that decides whether you bag the jobs.

Absolutely not. People from any age group can reap the benefits of a technical writing course and make a career out of it.

The mode of teaching at IIM SKILLS is online. Through an immersive learning pedagogy, IIM SKILLS aims to provide the curriculum in the most rigorous manner possible. The live virtual program covers all the fundamental and advanced chapters of technical writing. There are live practical projects that you work on in real-time during these virtual sessions. 

Yes, you get a certificate of completion from IIM SKILLS. However, there are certain caveats to fulfil. You have to sit for the exam and pass it with the minimum score stipulated. 

Graduation from a recognized university is usually desirable for the job of a technical writer. Another important factor is the grasp of the English language. If you have a technical background like engineering, coding, web designing, computer science, it becomes a little easier for you to pursue this profession. However, it is not mandatory to know these subjects. Recruiters generally look for people who have had a background in journalism, mass Communication, English since the subjects prepare a candidate with the requisite writing skills. Having said that, IIM SKILLS Technical Writing certification gives you a 360 degree understanding of how to write technical content.

Technical writing is a very intensive topic that requires clarity on the subject to pursue as a profession. Our Program at IIM SKILLS provides you with all the important topics that will help you to become a capable technical writer. The topics covered are as follows:

You might miss a class due to unavoidable circumstances. In such situations, you do not have to worry at all. IIM SKILLS provides you with recorded sessions of the live classes that you can go through and catch up. If you encounter any doubts or confusion, you can always reach out to the mentors in the next class or send an email on the email ID given to you for query resolution. 

After you enrol in the technical writing course, IIM SKILLS ensures to provide you with all the details and contact information of mentors and support desk in case you need clarity on any chapter. 

You can make the payment online. Conversely, you can contact the institute for the details if you want additional information on the mode of payment. 

The Online technical writing course has been crafted with perfection taking into account the industry standards. It is an industry-recognized course that helps you to master all the modules that are relevant in the technical writing industry. After the completion of the technical writing course, you will become well versed with all the concepts required to become an expert in technical writing. 

Technical writing is a very lucrative source of income. However, you need to have a certain level of expertise to get that coveted position. The average salary for fresher technical writers can be between 2.50 lacs to 3.50 lacs per annum. As you gain experience, you start to earn more. A person with more than 2 years of experience can earn anywhere from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per annum. The amount goes north as your quality of work increases, and you become a deft technical writer. 

Trained technical writers are well equipped to handle professional communication and have an unmatched level of confidence in creating simplified copies from complex documents. Other than that, a technical writing course also teaches how to analyze your target audience, create better design documents, and communicate the points with clarity. 

The online technical writing course at IIM SKILLS is one of the best technical writing courses in India. It offers a well-structured program that incorporates all the important facets of technical writing. The course offers a Master’s certification that is globally accredited. You get 26+ hours of practical learning with 60 + hours dedicated to practical assignments. All formats of technical writing are covered in this course. You also gain an enhanced understanding of different technical writing tools like MS project, GitHub, Scribus, MS Visio, Canva, PowerPoint, RoboHelp, XML, API documentation. 

You can pay online for the course at IIM SKILLS. Remember, you get a 100% money-back guarantee after the first live session if you are not satisfied with the course. You also get a group discount if 3 or more people register together. 

The policy for the course fee is subject to changes. You can inquire at the institute at the time of registration on whether you can pay the fee in instalments. 

Today the entire professional scenario is going virtual and technical writing courses and jobs are no different. The best part of taking up a technical writing course is that you can opt for an online course and study at your own convenience from the comfortable ambience of your own space. An Online technical writing course is just as effective as an offline technical writing course. It offers you all the features that an offline technical writing course has to offer. You get faculty assistance and every important information is intimated through email, SMS, and phone. You also get soft skills training as well as placement assistance through online technical writing courses. 

The mentors in the technical writing course at IIM SKILLS are some of the best names in the industry having years of experience working in the technical writing domain. They are well equipped to handle the challenges that come with a career in technical writing and will provide you with valuable tips, strategies, techniques, and steps to ace technical writing irrespective of the format and the challenges you face. They are certified professionals adept at planning, writing, executing, and implementing technical writing to create engaging content. One of the major advantages of signing up for the technical writing course at IIM SKILLS is that you get regular feedback. Your mentors analyze your performance, assess your strengths and weaknesses. Based on the assessment, you get advice on how to refine your skills further. 

It is not mandatory to come from any specific educational background to pursue technical writing. You only have to be a graduate in any discipline with an inclination to write and the willingness to understand technical sentences, terms, phrases and turn them into simpler forms. 

The technical writing course has tremendous potential as per the trends. Research shows an astounding 11% increase in the demand for technical writers from 2015 to 2026 ( Bureau of Labour Statistics). It is faster than almost all other occupations and their average projected growth. User manuals, more customer-oriented documents, SAAS products are some areas when employment is going to grow by leaps and bounds as per predictions. 

Some of the free resources available to you are the free community forum which helps you to keep connected with your batchmates and mentors for useful insights. You also have free backup classes free recording classes interview preparation for building confidence and free job referrals after proper assessment. Moreover, all the Updated learning materials, case studies, and updated content is provided to you for free in the learning management system forever. 

A minimum of 70% attendance is compulsory for you to sit for the exam. This includes attendance for recorded sessions as well. 

The online technical writing course at IIM SKILLS is regarded as one of the best technical writing courses in India. This course covers everything from the most basic to the most advanced topics of technical writing. 

The course curriculum evinces what the current industry trends and demands are in the technical writing industry. It prepares you to tackle any challenge that comes your way in the technical writing domain. 

You can check for student reviews and testimonials on the website at IIM SKILLS. 

The main use of technical writing is to provide information to the common people in a way that even complex concepts are easy to understand and grasp. The common people are not conversant with difficult words, terms, and phrases that are innate to specific industries. For example, an instruction manual for the washing machine will aim to provide the information in a simplified manner by editing all the complex words and glossary terms that are used by the people who are part of that appliance manufacturing industry. 

Technical writing can be pursued at any age and irrespective of whether you have work experience or not. There is a huge demand for competent technical writers and this demand will only augment in the coming years. Therefore, now is also the best time to invest in a good technical writing course that will provide you with full-fledged training on all the facets of technical writing. 

IIM SKILLS provides you with a free demo class that explains everything about technical writing. It also gives you a clear idea of what to expect in the course at IIM SKILLS. This will enable you to take a concrete decision and whether pursuing the course at our institute is the right way to get your foot in the door. 

Freelancing options are plenty in technical writing. You can work with multiple clients and explore different options when you are freelancing. You also hone your skills by working with different industries and clients rather than pursuing a full-time technical writing position in only one organization. 

The technical writing course at IIM skills has been designed by the mentors in a way that helps beginners in the technical writing industry to have a successful career in the field in a short period. For beginners, IIM SKILLS specifically ensures that we provide a detailed explanation of the nitty-gritty of technical writing. We have also incorporated plenty of hours into practical training so that even beginners become efficient in handling the technical part of the course. 

The technical writing course at IIM SKILLS syllabus includes creating white papers. White papers are some of the most lucrative formats of technical writing. It is a detailed report that aims to inform the target readers/consumers about a particular product or service. A white paper is used in different industries including marketing, business, research, and various other sectors. Sometimes they are rigorous case studies for a company product or service. White papers might also include details about a particular issue plaguing an organization/industry and the different measures that can be taken to resolve the issues. 

IIM SKILLS makes that extra effort to help you excel in the field of technical writing. Keeping your best interests in mind, IIM SKILLS offers access to a free community forum that helps you to connect with mentors, peers, and batchmates. This helps you brainstorm and glean new information and perspectives to become a more incisive technical writer. You also get access to free backup classes so that you do not miss out on any topic. We understand the importance of cracking an interview especially when you are novices in the field. Hence we provide you with free interview tips and soft skills training to help you strengthen your CV and bolster your confidence. Other than this, you also have free job referrals in leading corporate organizations. 

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