Seamless Clone App | Seamless Clone Script | App like Seamless
Seamless Clone App | Seamless Clone Script | App like Seamless
Develop an ultrapractical Seamless clone app under your budget integrated with a host of unique features and extensive customization to make a niche in the market.

Seamless Clone App | Seamless Clone Script | App like Seamless

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Innovative technologies always cater to the needs of people and provide a cushion of comfort for them. The entry of on-demand food delivery service has proved to be quite effective and consumers have become prompt to adopt the service through mobile apps. As an entrepreneur, it would be beneficial for you to create a venture in the famed food delivery business. Develop a fully-functional Seamless Clone app with alluring features and extensive customization options to choose from.

Integrate a plethora of services in the Seamless Clone app to make it stand apart.

The Seamless clone app is designed to run on iOS, Android, and web platforms without any glitches.

The Seamless clone is an amalgam of four different apps - Customer, Restaurant, Delivery Personnel, and Admin. Together they work effortlessly to order and deliver food items through the advanced platform.

The Seamless clone app is suitable for any size of the business, either a startup or an enterprise.

A wide range of features that make an app like Seamless to be well-rounded and ready for business.

Users can log in or sign up to the app through social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. This will minimize the time required to create a new account.

A powerful search engine with intelligent filter options for customers maneuvering through the app to find their favorite dish, cuisine or restaurant.

This feature will display the orders placed by the customer along with the quantity and total amount to be paid. Users can edit through their orders and proceed to checkout.

The customer can rate the quality of the food, the restaurant, and also the delivery personnel through the app.

Customers will receive notifications on new offers, order status, payment made, etc. by the app.

The Seamless clone app will be integrated with the best payment options including credit/debit cards, in-app wallet or even Cash on Delivery.

The restaurant owners will be equipped with an easy-to-use mobile app and a web app to access and manage the orders.

Restaurants will be receiving real-time notifications on incoming orders from customers so that they can accept the orders as they come in.

Restaurants can create and add new deals or offers to reward loyal or new customers to boost their sales.

The restaurant can track the delivery personnel in real time as they reach the restaurant to pick up the orders.

The restaurant will have different kinds of cuisines listed under the menus for customers to easily search through and place an order.

The app is integrated with a real-time tracking feature to track both restaurants and customers to pick up and deliver food items.

The availability toggle allows the delivery personnel to switch between being available and unavailable. They can also list the time they will be available to pick up orders.

This feature displays the information of the jobs completed by the delivery personnel. It contains information like pickup and delivery location, time and other essential information.

The delivery personnel can view the complete history of their earnings through the app.

When delivery personnel accepts a request from the restaurant for pickup of the order, all the information pertaining to the order will be available to the personnel to deliver the same without any hassles.

The admin panel comes with an ironclad secure payment system having several payment options such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallet or even Cash on Delivery.

Admin can view the feedback of the customers for restaurants and delivery personnel. These reviews will help the admin to improve the platform.

Admins can send out promo codes via push notifications, mail or SMS to retain the customer base and boost the sales.

This feature allows the admin to create sub-admins with restricted access to different modules in the admin panel.

Admin can view the commission and earnings that includes the delivery executive earnings and restaurant earnings.

The website is designed to be highly-functional, user-friendly, and robust to give users an unforgettable experience.

Our mobile apps are designed with a technically sound UI for flawless user experience.

The all-rounder admin dashboard allows the admin to oversee the app activities and overall performance.

The app is integrated with in-app payment options to facilitate online payments through credit/debit cards or in-app wallets.

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