Seamless clone app: A safe means of ordering food
Seamless clone app: A safe means of ordering food
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Seamless clone app: A safe means of ordering food

Coronavirus has impacted most of the sectors. Even after the lockdown relaxations announced by the government, people are still skeptical about dining in restaurants. So there is an increase in demand for Seamless like food delivery app. If some changes were made to the food delivery apps, it would bring in more profits. Food delivery apps can come up with certain enhanced features and other aspects to hold on to the online food delivery market. It would be beneficial for both the users and delivery agents if specific precautionary measures and features to ensure safety is part of the Seamless clone app. 

Here are some ideas for online food ordering script

These instructions and features are part of the Seamless clone script as a precautionary measure to prevent Coronavirus spread.

Zero contact delivery should be followed to gain the trust of users.

  •  For this, delivery workers can avoid cash transactions and drop off the food orders on the doorstep instead of handing it over to the customers. They should wear masks and gloves to prevent virus spread.

  •   If they’re not following these measures, then users can report them using the report feature.

  •  Delivery agents should refrain from delivering if they have symptoms of the virus. The Seamless clone has Coronavirus symptoms based questionnaire that employees ought to take up regularly.

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