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Some of the Interesting topics trending on HYD7Am over the past 7 days are as follows:

Best CM in India: We all know India is the largest democratic country. India is a vast country with 28 states and 8 union territories a total of 36 entities. These states and union territories have been made to provide the best governance to the public of these regions. As each state or region has its set of problems and issues and has to be dealt with differently. It is hard to measure the performance of any leader CM. But HYD7AM has shortlisted the 10 Best Chief ministers in India based on some criteria.

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In India, One will be in power provided by the acceptance of the people of that region. One has to or His government has to be elected by the public, in general, to be in the ruling. Hyd7am is bringing you the list of the top 10 Longest Serving Chief Ministers in India of all time.

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Richest Cricketers of India:

India is home to Different Religions and Cultures. But apart from regular religions, India has one separate religion which makes the whole country united and that is Cricket. Cricket is a sport but it is the region for cricket lovers and they even worship their favorite crickets as gods. Keeping the popularity of the crickets several brands across the world tie up with Indian crickets and made the some of the wealthiest people in the world.

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Tejaswini Nandamuri:  tejaswini Nandumuri is the daughter of famous Telugu Veteran actor Nandamuri Balakrishna. Tejawini does not make any public appearances very often but can be seen during family gatherings. Provided the amount of following the Nandamuri family has also interest in people of the Nandamuri family. The number of searches on google monthly for Tejaswini Nandamuri has been in 1000’s

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Mike Tyson Remuneration for Liger:

One of the most anticipated movies of the year Liger featuring Vijay Devara Konda and Bollywood Actress Ananya has turned out to be a disaster at the box office. A lot of curiosity and attention towards the movie because of the Boxing Legend’s special role in Liger which turned out to be very flat on the Big screen. There is a lot of curiosity about how much Mike Tyson charged to play the role.

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