Read About Hyderabad City on HYD7AM
Read About Hyderabad City on HYD7AM
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Read About Hyderabad City on HYD7AM

Hyderabad is the most beautiful city to live in, it is very affordable in all things and the best living place to live. Hyderabad is situated at 541m above sea level and was established near the Musi River by Mohammad Quli Qutub Shah in 1591. Hyderabad separated at the time of the division of Andhra Pradesh in 2014 and the formation of the new state Telangana.

So Hyderabad City is the capital of both Andhra as well as Telangana. It is the fourth most populous city in India with 10 million people. It is the safest city. Hyderabad has become a tourist spot over the years and one of the most visited places in India.

You know, Hyderabad has the largest Buddha Statue which weighs around 450 tons and is 18m long. Also, the place where the Kohinoor diamond originated. It is widely famous for its Persian tea means Irani Chai.

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One of the amazing things about Hyderabad is, that it has a well-maintained transport service as well the posh metro stations which are interconnected to each other just like the city of Delhi. Hyderabad, I personally liked the city because it is safe for women, and can walk at the night without any restrictions, but after all, safety is in our hands, right wherever you go, no matter how safe the city is.

The famous Charminar monument is located in Hyderabad. There are many places to visit near Charminar as you can shop in the market near Charminar, it is a very famous and beautiful market. One more thing, you can also visit the ShilpaRamam village which is incredibly beautiful. If you love village and old Indian culture then it is a must-visit place in Hyderabad. ShilpaRamam will show the old Indian culture, you will feel like you are in a real village.

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Hyderabad city of Telangana state is growing fast day by day and has a good healthcare system and education. The liveable environment, health, and education are the key factors or points which are helping in growing Hyderabad and making it more comfortable.

Hyderabad is beating Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune in the Quality of Living and preferred city to live in, Hyderabad is the Hub of Information Technology Companies, and people preferred to move here and get employment also stable weather, affordable living, and food, and access to pollution-free air and clean drinking water, makes Hyderabad a very comfortable city and gives it an edge. For more details about Quality of Life and Lifestyle of People in Hyderabad city Visit

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