Privacy Feature By Google is All Set to Launch in December
Privacy Feature By Google is All Set to Launch in December
If you are an Android user therefore you need to hear us out. Recently Google announced that every single Android App out there is not getting utilized by the consumers.

If you are an Android user therefore you need to hear us out. Recently Google announced that every single Android App out there is not getting utilized by the consumers. Shortly in the future they automatically end up losing their rights to have access to the vulnerable features inside the user gadget. Some of these features stand going to Smartphone Sensors, SMS messages, and also consumer contact lists.

By the end of this year in December Google is planning to execute this plan. They are intending to increase the accessibility of "Permissions Auto-Reset". Let us simply explain what that insinuates. Once this plan is executed the Android privacy feature that in the past gave various applications access to your smartphone location, camera, also to your microphone, galleries, etc. It will automatically remove the rights from that app to gain access to your phone's vulnerable places.

Since last year, this feature was only available for Android 11 users. But now Google finally decided to let billions of smartphone users gain the benefit of this feature with the help of Google Play services smartphones operating on Android 6.0 from the year 2015 and also the latest ones too.

According to their strategy, this feature is going to be facilitated by default for all those applications that are targeting  Android or even the elevated version. But still, if the users want to permit these apps themselves. They will be able to perform this task manually. So it will be totally up to the consumer if they are ready to give these apps access or not? 

Google decided to take this huge step because they wanted the Android users to take their privacy into their own hands and decide if the app is worth gaining access to your vulnerable data. There are lots of apps that after being downloaded the users only use once or twice and don't uninstall. These apps just end up sitting on your phone and continuously gaining information about you. It will be done after doing proper research. How much time have you spent on that app? What type of dangerous permission do these apps are asking their users to let them access? Also as we have mentioned above it will gain access to user location, contact list access, messages, and other unguarded data.

If such apps are targeting Android 6 or the elevated version that smartphone owners are not utilizing anymore for the past few months. Your Android smartphone mechanically will remove all the permission that you have permitted that application. 

Do you want to know how it will work? Just like users deny the app access to the information when they download it. This feature in your place will deny the app permission to your private data.

Where this feature after being executed will only impact the apps that are on your phone. It won't be the same for all the corporation-organized apps and for the apps that have approvals after all the corporate policies that they have set. 

There is also one other exception to this feature. Google made it possible for the app designers to ask their app users to disable the auto-set for their application. This exception was made for all the right reasons. Some apps are continually working on the background that provides family safety, to sync the data, also every app out there which helps in monitoring your smartphone or that helps you pair up your phone to the other laptops and smartphones and various smart gadgets.

Although this plan is going to be executed in December the Android holders between 6 to 10 won't be able to gain its benefits until 2022.

But there is a solution for Android holders between 6 to 10. You can go to your auto-reset setting and manually enable or disable the permission that has been given to various apps. Right off the bet after the launch of this feature, it will start working and disable the permission for the unused apps.

Final Verdict:- This feature might bring huge relief to every Android user. Because knowingly or unknowingly they have permitted an app that has gained access to your private data for all the wrong reasons and is now taking benefits from it. Google now has taken the right decision and if you are an Android 6 to 10 holder. Maybe it's time you should sell old phones and get yourself Android 11 to gain the benefits of this feature right away.

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