GuardianLink bestows the NFT space with a no-code NFT platform
GuardianLink bestows the NFT space with a no-code NFT platform
Guardian Link enables blockchain commerce through its Omni Blockchain legitimacy protocol. This allows NFTs to be traded in high frequency trading across multiple blockchain infrastructures

If you’re an NFT admirer, you may know the complexities behind launching an NFT or non-fungible token. So in this article, we’ll see about a technology/tool that simplifies the NFT launch.


GuardianLink, an NFT tech facilitator, introduces a plug-and-play NFT platform that enjoys the freedom of no code. It is a creator-friendly platform for anyone who wants to build their dedicated NFT marketplace/exchange platforms. This platform allows NFT startups to easily instill their NFT platform and invigorate NFT admirers to launch their NFTs.


As we all know, NFT is a Blockchain-linked piece of digital content like texts, images, and in-game assets. Every piece of digital artwork sold by NFT is one-of-a-kind and cannot be replaced. As a result, they are referred to as "non-fungible tokens."


Properties of No-Code NFT platform:


1.Recoverability - In case of any rip-offs or NFT lost scenarios, GuardianLink’s built-in legitimacy protocol rescues the NFT entirely.

2.Anti-rip Protocol - This decentralized protection system allows the creators to monitor the web and NFT space for duplicates.

3.Indivisibility - Honoring the NFT’s natural characteristics, GuardianLink also adds this feature into its platform.

4.Storefront - Like a typical NFT marketplace, GuardianLink’s no-code NFT platform offers creators and users detailed information on received bids, price history, etc.


NFT platform: Design to Auction in minutes!

 If you are finished choosing the file (to create NFT), then the thing is to make your NFT platform. As mentioned above, you can utilize the aforementioned features when you choose GuardianLink’s instant NFT launchpad. With this platform, the creators can easily create immutable NFTs and add unique functionality to them. 


As an NFT admirer (ourselves), we think that this incredible platform will enable an influx of non-technical NFT enthusiasts into the crypto space. 


And, if you have any questions on this no-code NFT platform, better head over to their website right now!