Falcon Films Llc Releases Its Latest Movie-Cum-Documentary Headed By the Famous Jennifer T. Conerly
Falcon Films Llc Releases Its Latest Movie-Cum-Documentary Headed By the Famous Jennifer T. Conerly
This talented and artistic directed has helmed many a powerful works of cinematic art and her latest work The Long Suffer is no different.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, JULY 29, 2021 - Popular indie films maker Falcon Films LLC has released their latest movie called The Long Suffer. It is a beautiful and heart-wrenching documentary on parents with special needs and the challenges they face everyday, every moment of their lives. Spearheaded by the terrific director/writer Jennifer T. Conerly, the documentary also shows the uphill tasks these parents face in raising children and tending to their needs while themselves needing special care — something that sometimes they get, sometimes they don't. The Long Suffer puts on full display the beautiful and surreally challenging lives these parents with special needs lead that never makes it to any book, any literature, any media and thus remain oblivious to the rest of the world, their loving existence nary a concern for anyone.

Falcon Films has been a beacon for exceptional films for years now. It specializes in making horror movies and indie movies that frequently feature in international film festivals. It always takes the lead in making never-seen-before and most vibrant films ever to hit the screens. More than technology and CGI, Falcon Films LLC relies on tales and stories that would ultimately capture the attention and have them on the edge of their seats. It believes in making mindful movies tethered by a sensible thread being led by directors who have a distinct vision of where to take the film.

"Jennifer T. Conerly is one of most famous independent movie directors the world has ever known. The fact that the beautiful documentary - The Long Suffer - landed in her hands has been a blessing for everyone involved. Some of the scenes will melt the audience's heart while some may bring them to tears as they describe a wonderful journey affecting the family dynamics in myriad ways. Falcon Films LLC is pleased to have joined hands with her and produce a fantastic piece of artistic excellence in "The Long Suffer", said a spokesperson for Falcon Films LLC.


Falcon Films LLC is a film-producing company that specializes in making horror and independent movies. Over the years, it has made many such movies that have been praised highly by the audience.




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