DEX- The Future Of Cryptocurrency Trading
DEX- The Future Of Cryptocurrency Trading
Decentralized exchange relies on the Decentralized Exchange Script for which traders across the world can trade in a P2P trading platform.

DEX Revolution

There is no involvement of a third party in DEXs. Rather, transactions are processed via smart contracts and get directly recorded on the blockchain. For most chains, this translates into expensive gas fees for the transaction. Further, transactions are subject to latency and execution delays. The duration of this is generally determined by the speed of the underlying blockchain, the gas fee, and the network's congestion level. DEX platforms rarely offer tech support, are starkly indifferent to UX, and are not beginner-friendly.


Centralized Exchanges May Lose More Market Share As Decentralized Exchanges Become More Accessible in the crypto world. Your friend has convinced you to start investing a chunk of your salary in blue-chip cryptocurrencies. But how do you go about it? Should you use Uniswap or Binance? On a more fundamental level, should you use a Centralized Exchange (CEX) or a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to buy Bitcoin or Ether? You may be advised to proceed with a CEX because it is easy. However, a greater revolution awaits DEXs' widespread adoption.

A Fair Comparison DEX Vs CEX

There is no denying that CEXs are user-friendly, cheaper, and perhaps even quicker than DEXs. However, using CEXs involves a major compromise - ownership!

Unlike DEXs, CEXs do not allow users to retain complete custody of their assets, given the fact that there is a third party necessary to execute the trade.

With a DEX, however, the custody of the asset, that is, the ownership, is retained by the user throughout the execution of the trade. This functionality lets users take full benefit of censorship-resistant and trustless characteristics of crypto assets.

Nevertheless, the advantage to DEXs is that it is possible to trade tokens that are not available on CEXs, giving investors a first-mover advantage and a chance to further diversify their portfolio.

DEXs - The Future of Exchanges?

At the moment, CEXs overwhelmingly dominate the market. According to The Block Research, CEXs reported a trading volume of more than $14 trillion in 2021, with a year-on-year surge of 689%. On the other hand, DEXs have been witnessing a record-high increase in trading volumes up to the tune of 858% compared to last year! The growing popularity of DEXs stems from the fact that they are becoming increasingly accessible.

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