Desktop CNC Machines Market Share, Size, Trends, Growth, Segments and Industry Forecasts to 2030
Desktop CNC Machines Market Share, Size, Trends, Growth, Segments and Industry Forecasts to 2030
Desktop CNC Machines Market Share, Size, Trends, Growth, Segments and Industry Forecasts to 2030

Desktop CNC Machines Market Share, Size, Trends, Growth, Segments and Industry Forecasts to 2030

Desktop CNC Machines Market Overview:

The global desktop CNC machine market could likely advance at a rate of close to 5.2% over the assessment period, which is from 2022 to 2030, reveals Market Research Future (MRFR).


Top Boosters and Main Deterrents

The boom in the production technology has resulted in lesser time needed to manufacture components as well as the ability to develop components that have enhanced surface finish. The desktop CNC machines market benefits largely from the rampant need to bring down the factory footprint, due to lesser space availability. The latest and more advanced machine variants are smaller in size and therefore, do not need supervisor or operator to continuously manage the machine operations. This prevents manual labor and helps the company save overall costs.


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With time, the automation industry has transformed completely, since manufacturers are highly focused on technological advancements with respect to desktop computer numerical control software. This has led to better connectivity between the machines and operators, in addition to improved flexibility on the shop floor area. The emergence of machine learning technology and Internet of Things (IoT) has given way to new and advanced features, one of which is the application that helps notify the machine’s status to the operators or supervisors directly on their PCs or smartphones. These technological advancements and constant innovations brought about by the manufacturers are bound to lead the desktop CNC machines market to greater heights in the approaching years.


The high expenses incurred due to the employment of operators for each machinery also boosts the demand for automated desktop CNC machines. Frequent technological innovations and introduction of new features have also enabled operators to arrive at the required decision in shorter time as well as better productivity at the unit.


Market Segmentation

The primary segments according to which the Desktop CNC Machines industry has been dissected are product type and application.

The product types are CNC Milling Machine, electric polishing machine and CNC Lathe. The top position has been obtained by the CNC lathe segment, which is expected to remain the same throughout the review period. CNC lathe machines are able to manage materials that are up to six inches diameter, which is ideal for jewelry making and mold making. 

The applications of desktop CNC machines are aerospace & defense, automotive, machinery manufacturing, and others. The highest growth rate can be recorded by the automotive segment in the desktop CNC machines market, in line with the increasing automation in the automotive industry. Desktop CNC machines are used in the industry to manufacture complex automotive parts. These machines have become an essential aspect of the automotive sector, since they facilitate the large-scale production of identical components with maximum accuracy.


Regional Insight

The primary markets for desktop CNC machines have been identified as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific or APAC, and the Rest of the world (RoW).


MRFR confirms that in the year 2017, APAC led the market with the highest share of close to 35%, followed closely by North America and Europe. APAC’s leading position can remain the same till 2023, mostly because of the existence of huge number of renowned manufacturers, some of which are Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, DMG Mori Co., Ltd. and Okuma Corporation. The region is also expected to achieve the highest growth pace in the coming years, since more and more manufacturers are opting for desktop CNC machines instead of traditional machines. Moreover, government initiatives like Make in India and Made in China 2025 induce the setting up of new manufacturing units, which also help APAC gain the upper hand in the global market.

The European desktop CNC machines market share can gain significantly over the approaching years, given the expansive pool of celebrated automotive companies, high-end machine manufacturers as well as renowned technology developers, such as Dr. Johannes Heidenahain GmbH, Sandvik AB and Datron AG, and more.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, North America is busy focusing on safeguarding the health of consumers as well as the workforce, especially among the large number of businesses and the government. This has led to lockdown and subsequent plant closures, prompting manufacturers to come up with effective strategies to boost their supply networks, especially in the United States (U.S). Companies now have been hit hard by the viral outbreak and are therefore proactively deploying automation technologies such as desktop CNC machines. As a result, the current lockdown situation can emerge as a significant opportunity for the desktop CNC machines in the region.


Leading Vendors

Leading vendors profiled in the global desktop CNC machines market report are Marchant Dice (England), Carbide3D (US), RedSail (US), Roland (Japan), PHILICAM (China), Stepcraft (Germany), Boxzy (US), Printrbot (US), Stoney CNC (Ireland), MakerDreams (Venice), 3D Tek (Australia), VELOX CNC (US), CAMaster (Georgia), Rockler (Medina), to list a few.


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