Crispy salty corn flakes machinery
Crispy salty corn flakes machinery
Crispy salted corn flakes is a kind of crisp food. Its basic raw material is grain. And then, the raw materials are processed into flake-shaped snack foods.

Crispy salty corn flakes machinery

Crispy salted corn flakes is a kind of crisp food. Its basic raw material is grain. And then, the raw materials are processed into flake-shaped snack foods.

Crispy salty corn flakes machinery is also called corn flakes processing equipment. And, it belongs to expanded extrusion machinery. It uses corn as its raw material. And then, the raw materials are steamed and cooked through a twin-screw extruder. Then, it can be made into salty and brittle snack food. And then, this equipment has a breakthrough. And then, it solves the difficult problems of roller sticking, low number of pressed tablets and low forming rate, and poor product taste. At the same time, its scientific production process can retain the nutrients in the grain perfectly. Also, our machine is designed reasonably. So it can realize the whole process control. So this improves efficiency and reduces costs. And then, this improves market competitiveness.

The working principle of the crispy salty corn flakes machine is to convert mechanical energy into heat energy. Then it uses the heat to squeeze and cook the food. And then, the most obvious feature of puffed food is its larger volume.

Crispy salty corn flakes machinery

What are the advantages of crispy salty corn flakes machinery worth buying?

1.The equipment is all made of stainless steel. It is safe, reliable and easy to clean. And then, the high temperature puffing makes the material shape. So this effectively sterilizes and achieves safety and hygiene.

2. This machine has novel design and compact structure. And then, its transmission system is stable. Also, its noise is low. So, its work is safe and reliable. And then, it has automatic assembly line production and simple operation. So this reduces labor consumption. At the same time, it has a small footprint. So it can save space and labor costs and reduce investment.

3. The alloy steel heat treatment makes the hardness of the screw and barrel become higher. And then the automatic lubrication system can reduce mechanical energy consumption. So they have a longer service life and be durable.

4. Linear bearing adjustment is safe, accurate and fast. And then, the large-size press roller design makes the thickness of the press sheet more uniform. At the same time, it makes the output higher. And then, there is a leveling device in front of the pressing roller. So it can prevent the sticking of the pressing sheet. Also, there is an anti-sticking design in front of the pressing roller. So it can prevent the pressing roller from sticking to the material. And then the pressing quality is stable.

5. The screw design has a powerful self-cleaning effect. And then, the screw groove can be automatically cleaned. So when changing the formula and product types, there is no need to stop for cleaning. So it is convenient and quick. And then, it saves manpower. So, it improves work efficiency.

6. According to needs, different templates can produce products of different specifications and shapes. And then, the remaining material after molding can be reused after being crushed. So it greatly reduces the production cost.

7. The production conditions are simple. And then, there is no boiler, no need to equip additional filtering equipment. And then it only needs basic production conditions for water and electricity. So there will not discharge waste water or waste gas during the process. So it is safe and environmentally friendly.

8. There are good protection of machinery and equipment. So the failure rate is low. And then it can reduce maintenance troubles.

Device parameters:
Model LY65-P LY70-P LY85-P
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Power 22kw 30kw 75kw
Production capacity 100-150kg/h 160-300kg/h 400-500kg/h
Dimensions 2.6×1×1.8m 2.6×1×1.8m 4×1.2×1.8m

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