Avianca | Call Now For Low Fare & Offers On Avianca Airlines | +1-(888) 351-7078
Avianca | Call Now For Low Fare & Offers On Avianca Airlines | +1-(888) 351-7078
Avianca: A Second Largest Airlines in Latin America, Comfortable Avianca Colombia Connections. Call Now for Special Avianca Airlines & Avianca Airlines Tickets.

Avianca | Call Now For Low Fare & Offers On Avianca Airlines | +1-(888) 351-7078

Get to know us; Proudly serving since decades

Avianca Airlines is proudly celebrating its centenary. We first hoisted our flag named Sociedad Colombo Alemana de Transporte Aéreo, in the year 1920. The first flight took off from Barranquilla and Puerto Berrio and other regular routes were in between the Bogota, Girardot, and Neiva.

Avianca, the Columbia flagship airline has been into the airline business since 1919. The flagship Airline has its a hub at Bogota, Columbia at the El Dorado International airport. Since it's the operation, Avianca has now over 100 flying destinations all over the globe. They stand as a part of Star Alliance, which is one of the major global airline alliances. This also gives the idea of Avianca having various valuable collaborations as their travel partners. Though they are one of the best airlines, their journey was never so easy. They have crossed certain milestones to reach the top.

This airline includes a clump of 7 airlines of Latin America and thus is the largest in Colombia. It is a proud member of the star alliance since 2012.

The secret of the Avianca airline’s successful 100 years lies beneath the innovation and continuous efforts in improving its services. We are operating more than 4,000 flights a week.

The Airline service has a human resource of over 19,000 employees, all functioning to provide the best services to the customers. This year, it has successfully completed 100 years of flying and is determined to continue it's world-class customer services with an exceptional experience. This world-class service to the customers include fares inclusive of check-in and carry on luggage, extensive route network, complimentary meals and drinks, and a comprehensive onboard entertainment. The Avianca airlines excel in terms of customer service also because of its establishment as the best airline in Latin America.

Avianca Flights

Avianca airlines have extended their arms to numerous destinations to serve the passengers. Being the largest airline in Colombia, the airline is operating flights in a vast range of domestic as well as international destinations. Majorly, it is serving its flights in key cities like Miami, San Jose, Cali, Cartagena, Medellin, and Quito. The airline has it’s a hub at:

  • El Dorado international airport in Bogota
  • Jorge Chavez international airport in Lima
  • MonsenorOscar Arnulfo Romero international airport.

Budget-friendly onboard services for a great experience

The Avianca airline are best known for delivering the most comfortable and economical onboard services to the passengers. Whether you're flying with your dream family vacation or its a solo trip, the most enthusiastic crew member of Avianca airlines will always be your helping hand for making an unforgettable journey. The airline is entirely customer-oriented and put all their contributions to create an amazing experience. The passengers can enjoy an exclusive range of onboard services without busting their budget.

Cheap Avianca airlines tickets

It becomes a sturdy task for the passengers to look for the cheapest flights. You can drop down your worries because Avianca Airlines is best acknowledged for its luxurious flights within budget. it offers the passengers with a dual-class air service that has a complete package of a great journey including the comfort and hours of entertainment. You can book your Avianca flights for economic cabin class or a business cabin class, you will be amazed by the onboard services that you are looking forward to.

Avianca Economy Class

Booking your tickets for an economic class will let you immerse yourself in the most comfortable service. This airline understands that you don't want to spend much of your merited money on your flight tickets. Rather you want to save it for exploring your dreamland. Booking Avianca flights will also let you save bundles and enjoy top-notch onboard services.

Alternatives for affordable Avianca fare

This airline acts as your helpmate for assisting your travel to an economic cabin class. It ensures that you get what you are expecting and can experience a range of benefits. To enjoy these benefits, there are certain alternative options available including the special airfares, traveling miles to acquiring refunds without any applicable charges. While traveling with Avianca airlines, you will be bestowed with the five alternatives for fare options that are Econo, Business Promo, Flexi, Promo, and Business. You can avail huge off on your flight ticket and it is applicable even if you are traveling with your kids.

Avianca Business Class

Avianca's business class deal saves up-to 20%. Almost all the aircraft of Avianca airlines come with the business class cabin including Boeing 787, Airbus A321, Airbus A330, Airbus A320, Airbus A319. These flights turn with a requisite number of luxurious seats available for business class. These comfortable seats in the business class cabin will let you feel luxury and you can rest guaranteed. The airline ensures that you get a joyful as well as splendorous flying experience. The most sincere and dedicated crew member will assist you by taking care of all your needs.
Taking a serious consideration to your comfort, the airline has extra space for legroom so that you don't feel troubled. It offers you the facilities to make your journey a worth for your money with supreme relaxation.
Avianca airline’s vital concern is our passenger’s comfort. Thus they are devoted to make your journey a splendid one.
And yummy meals and beverages will act as icing on the cake You can enjoy your journey with a lot of luscious meals, snacks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks on demand. All you are advised to do is to make a request to our crew and they will serve you in the most luxurious way.
Food and entertainment together will make your journey experience for a lifetime. Yes, you can get the entertainment system on your fingertips. This will add a bit of spice in your journey.

Avianca In-flight services

Hours of entertainment on fingertips

Just to make your travel an interesting one, this airline has certain entertainment system available for you. These will let you save from your travel boredom. You can take pleasure of watching your favourite movies, TV series, playing games and listening to music. You can take the best out of your journey in-flight. The seats of the avianca flights are equipped with touch screens that is very convenient to access. You can experience all your entertainment system with this touch screen. Moreover, this is not where we are limited. You can also be entertained by the elite content in some of our flights where the screens are common. You can make yourself updated with the current happening around the world by reading the newspaper and magazines available in-flight. We have an extensive collection of the magazines for the people who are enthusiastic about the latest occurrences.

Facility of great meals in-flight

The meals that are provided to the passengers in flight are made up of good quality of ingredients and is inspired from the chef’s around the world. This facility will let you overcome for your meal. Even if you are booking your last minute avianca flights, you don't need to bother about your food. We offer the food to our passengers keeping their dietary requirements in mind. The food served to the passengers are prepared to fit your taste buds and also to keep it healthy.
For the passenger who are following their strict diet, we have special custom made menus for them where they can request their own special food according to their strict diet.
If you are traveling with domestic avianca flights,we will serve you with the non-alcoholic beverages suiting the taste of economic class travelers. In the event, you are traveling with our international al flight, we will serve you the most healthy yet delicious breakfast between 3:00 am to 9:30 am, timings for lunch and dinner is from 9:30 am to 3:00a.m.and snacks will be served after every 5 hours. Besides this, in business class, you will also get the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages all over your will enjoy a tremendous journey with avianca flights.

Avianca frequent flyer program

Almost every airlines come up with some programs for their loyal passengers which is commonly known as the frequent flyer program. We have the frequent flyer program named as lifemile.
Basically lifelime is a three tier program that includes Gold, Silver, and Diamond covering all the associated airlines of avianca airlines. Joining this program is completely free, it doesn't require any charges. The passengers who are willing to join the program can register themselves for free. Once you become a member of this program, you can earn miles by traveling with avianca airlines and later you can redeem your earned miles. These redeem miles can be used with the subsidiary airlines of avianca.
Avianca airline introduced this frequent flyer program to show some loyalty to our regular passengers traveling with avianca flights. These earned points can also be redeemed for hotel s booking or car bookings,or also for the credit cards.
All the airline is working for is to offer you with the most reasonable flight tickets. Being the biggest airline in Columbia, they are serving our passengers with the cheapest rates as compared to other flights. They make sure to maintain your safety and security throughout your journey. If you are also looking for the best onboard services, you can book your next flight with avianca airlines at an affordable price.

Three tiers of avianca airlines frequent flyers:

Silver Elite LifeMiles- you must earn a minimum of 25000 miles with the star alliance member and 9000 on avianca air with 30 segments
Gold Elite LifeMiles- minimum 16000 earned miles on avianca with 50 segments. For star alliance, 45000 miles within a year
Diamond Elite LifeLimes- maximum 75000 miles on star alliance members nad 30000 miles on avianca with 85 segments.This is valid for 12 months and the more you fly with Avianca, the more you will collect the lifelimes.
Note: avianca airlines is associated with 8 airlines as an active member of star alliance. Thus, avianca frequent flyer program, lifelime will benefit you in all the partner airlines of avianca airlines.

Advantages of Avianca LifeLimes

By redeeming your earned miles, you can access to Avianca’s VIP lounge, Diamond lounges only in Bogota, Third party VIP lounges, priority boarding for Group A, Check-in, baggage priority, extra checked baggage, baggage allowance for 23 kgs.
You can even redeem your earned miles for changing dates. This is also applicable for traveling with star alliance member.

Avianca Airline Alliance

Avianca TACA merger (2009-13)

It was laid that the avianca airline is getting merged with the TACA in the year 2009. As an impact of this, it is made AviancaTaca holdings which is the second largest locale’s career with a total of 129 airship and flights to be served for 100 goals.
In the year 2019, it was announced that avianca will replace its fokker 50 and fokker 100 with more updated aircraft consisting of less or almost 100 seats
The flights started its services from february 2011 to April 2011.

Star Alliance

In the year 2010, avianca declares its separation with its merger partner Taca and announced to be completely solo in the year 2012.
Taca became a codeshare partner of United Airlines since 2006.
Avianca and TACA formally acknowledged with star alliance on 21st june, 2012.

Avianca Destinations

Bogota travel guide

The biggest avianca airline is a national carrier of Colombia. The airline started its journey with its headquarters in Bogota on 5th december 1919.
Bogota is a wonderful destination for tourists and it comprises of a lot of adventures and thrills. The capital of columbia is filled with ancient art which is extremely historic. Right from the mesmerizing lakes to the dramatic waterfalls, this place is a full package for a memorable vacation. This place is rich in its heritage culture with full of opportunities.
The avianca flights and its codeshare airlines takes almost 6 hours and 40 minutes to reach from the west coast and it takes almost 04:20 minutes to reach via east coast. Avianca has 52 flights from Bogota.

Avianca Medellin

Avianca Medellin - Medellin is best acknowledged for its vibrant nightlife that has bars, night clubs, warm welcoming people and a lot more that makes it a place worth for visitors.
The visitors can take their avianca flights to this breathtaking destination. They can get frequent connecting flights from Bogota. If you are taking anon stop flight, it would take 52 minutes to reach and everyday 300 flights are flying for Medellin.

Avianca Cali

Avianca Cali - Cali is one of the cheapest destinations for vacation. This place is amazingly beautiful and is considered as a paradise for salsa dance. The food, lodging and transportation, everything is very cheap at this place.
You can book a direct flight for reaching to Cali. everyday 250 direct flights are running to this destination. It takes almost 205 minutes to reach at this place.

Avianca Cartagena

Avianca Cartagena - Cartagena is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. This city has a lot more that can be explored within itself. Its rich heritage, lively nightlife, beautiful churches, astonishing beaches that is perfect for a family vacation or a coupe vacation. Avianca has 11 direct flights from Bogota. This place offers an ocean of things that can be done during a vacation. And it meets all your expectations for a holiday destination.


This place is famous for its diversity. You can witness the caribbean culture and a dynamic Carnival celebration. This places is best for party animals and they can explore traditional salsa and late night parties and you will be awestruck by the life of this place. You can go for plenty of shopping malls, paks, pizzas and so on. It is known as the golden gate of Colombia. Avianca has almost 75 flight deployed to this place from political capital to commercial capital. If you are taking a non stop flight. It will take around 0130 minutes to reach the destination.

San Jose Cabo facilities

San jose is a place that is filled with a lot of exciting things to be done for its tourists. There is no end to the fun activities at this place. You can discover the San jose museum of art, Happy hollow park and zoo, santa cruz beach boardwalk and many more. This pl;ace is well suitable for family vacation with kids. You will witness the luxury resorts, hotels, spas, restaurants and what not. There are several non stop flights that can be taken from US to SJD and operates from Bogota. These flights will take 0230 minutes to reach from Bogota to san jose.


The tourist can discover the amazing beaches and delicious chocolates to simply blow off your mind. This is the ancient latin america first UNESCO heritage city. You can take your avianca flight to this place.

Avianca Miami

Avianca Miami - The City of Miami', is the economic, cultural, and financial hub for South Florida and also has the repute of being a capital of exotic beaches, Art Deco architecture, and above all nightlife. People from all over the world head to Miami to enjoy its sizzling nightclubs and transform themselves into a complete party animal. For most of the year, the city has beach-ready weather, and it welcomes travelers throughout the year from different parts of the globe. Know more how to find cheap flights to Miami.

Avianca Airlines Baggage Information

Aiming to provide our passengers with the best of their expectations, we have certain implementations on the baggage rules. There are three types of baggage policy , they are:
Checked baggage- the total sum of your baggage including the baggage length, width, and height should not be more than 159 cm. Also, your number of checked baggage also depends on your departure and destination.
Note- while booking with us, your free baggage allowance will be shown in your booked ticket. In case of extra weight or size of the luggage, you are required to pay additional applicable charges
Carry on baggage- cabin baggage is the piece that is kept in the upper compartment of the flight. The weight and the dimensions for your baggage should be not more than 10 kgs. And the dimensions of your baggage includes the length 55 cm, width 35 cm, and height 25 cm. In case it exceeds, then you are required to pay extra baggage charges depending on the weight of the baggage. Don't keep any flammable items or hazardous materials.
Note- you can carry your personal things such as wallets, a backpack for laptop, coat, etc ensuring that other passenger dont get discomfort because of your belongings.
Additional baggage- additional baggages are those that are not included in your ticket. For example, if you have asinle bag, do not add additional bad, or if you have two bags, add one additional bag. Your fares for the additional baggage will depend on the count and weight of your luggage.

Avianca Airline Seat

Avianca has introduced a new service where passengers can take the seat of their choice and preference. Booking economy class will have the options avianca plus, favoured seat, emergency exit seats and standard seats.
Avianca plus’s availablity depends upon the type of flight. You can book your Avianca plus seat by paying $9.99 to $ 39.99. These seats can be booked during the time of booking or during post booking. If you find any issues related to this, you can approach our avianca customer support and they will assist you book the seats that are 31” - 36” pitch and 17” width. These seats have USB ports ans a personal screen which can be accessed via remote.
Coming to the preferential seat, it will cost you around $ 12- $ 30. This cost can fluctuate depending on your destination and flight routes.
Avianca emergency exit seats are designed with an extra space for leg room. Allotment of these seats required certain conditions to be fulfilled by the passengers.
Avianca standard seats are the most comfortable seat as compared with other airlines.
If the avianca has some vacant seats, then these vacant seats can only be booked at the airport at check in. the price for these seats are $ 25- $ 30.

Reasons why avianca flights should be your choice for your travel needs:

There are several reasons that makes avianca a perfect choice for all your travel needs. Booking with avianca will let you discover the caties of Latin America. You will be traveling with a 100 year old airline. This airline consists of a great connections, less layover, frequent fleets, checked baggage, hand baggage allowances. Also, you will enjoy a comfortable seat with extra leg space in-flight.
Moreover, you can book direct avianca flights to Borota, Cali, Managua, Peru, EL Salvador, miami, san jose, guatemala city, quito, costa rica, san pedro sula , etc.

Quality Assured

Search over thousands flights, hotels, packages, car rentals and book in three steps.

24/7 Assistance

24/7 assistance by experienced travel experts over the phone, email, chat and Social media.

Upgraded/Comfortable planes.

Latest Plane Boeing 787, Airbus A330, Airbus A321 and Others For Comfort Economy Class.

Avianca Seating

Select your choice of seat it's new services Avianca has started. in economy class you can find Avianca Plus, Preferential Seat, Emergency Exit Seats and Standard seats.
Avianca Plus is available as per type of the aircraft, cost of Avianca plus seat is $9.99 to $39.99, You can reserve these seats at the time of booking or post booking, our Avianca support expert will help you reserving these seats which has 31''-36″ pitch and 17″ width. All the seat comes with USB port and personal screen and it's remote control.
Avianca Preferential Seat will cost you $12-$30 depends upon city and plane routes, these seats are located best in the aircraft you can Disembark and deboard quickly.
Avianca emergency exit seats are designed with extra leg space but there are certain conditions for allotment of exit row seats to passengers.
Avianca standards seats are comfortable than many other airlines.
Avianca Empty seats can be reserved only at the airport Avianca check in counter, cost of getting these seats could be $25-$30.

Subsidiaries of Avianca Airlines

Avianca airlines has 11 subsidiaries, they are as follows:

  • Avianca Costa Rica- This is well known as Lasca operating in 35 destinations of South America, Central America and north is owned by synergy group and is based in San jose.
  • Avianca Ecuador- it is also known as AeroGol and currently serving in Galapagos peru and colombia.
  • Avianca EL Salvador - popularly famous as TACA is one of South America's largest airlines and also it is the national airline of EL Salvador.
  • Avianca Guatemala - It has 2 fleets and operates in 7 destinations. Previously known as Aviateca. Find Flights to Guatemala
  • Avianca Nicaragua - it is a Managua Nicaragua Airlines that serves in 10 destinations of Latin America. It is mainly based in Augusto C. Sandino International airport, Managua.
  • Avianca Honduras - this subsidiary is one of the 7 nationally branded airlines based in San Peru Sula and Hundras. Currently serving in 4 destinations.
  • Avianca peru - it has its flag carrier codeshare agreement with Avianca and TACA
  • Avianca cargo - it is a cargo airline that is based in Medellin, Colombia. It transports flowers from Latin America to Miami. Also the general cargo all over America.
  • Helicol - it started as a joint venture of US and Colombian states but later acquired by the Avianca
  • Sansa - this is a san jose based airline that is operating its services as a partner of TACA airlines.
  • Regional Express Americas - also known as the colombian regional airline which was introduced in December 2018.

With these many subsidiaries of Avianca airlines, you can roam around the world easily with connecting flights. You can book your tourist visit to and from Latin America cities comfortably by avianca flights. There are certain charges for selecting Avianca to benefit you. Such as :

  • Great seasonal travel fare
  • Military fares available
  • Avianca refundable fares
  • Avianca changeable rules fare
  • No student fares
  • Flexible cancellation rules of avianca
  • Flexible fare rules
  • Safe and secure flights
  • Save lifemiles
  • Multiple options available for seating

Avianca additional services

  • Avianca Cargo- this is a cargo service will let you export your goods from anywhere.
  • Deprisa- this is our delivery service through which you can transport your air documents, goods, and packages in Columbia and throughout the world.
  • FlyBox- This is our post office box service. With the use of this service, you can get your goods or packages from Madrid and Miami at your doorsteps in colombia.

Avianca UMNR Policy

This is an unaccompanied minor service available for the child between the age of 5 years to 11 years.Under this policy, the child traveling alone with Avianca Airlines without their elders and are of 5 years to 11 years, then it becomes mandatory for that child to avail this service. This service is implemented in both domestic as well as international flights.
For the adult between age 12 years to 17 years, this service is not applicable for them. However, it is optional and the charges can be paid at the airport too. But we can assure you for the availability of the service.

Avianca Pet Policy

If you are travelling with Avianca flights, you can fly with your pets such as cats and dogs. However there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed for carrying your pets with you in flight. Your dog or cat must be 8 weeks and weight should be of 45 kgs.

Avianca rules for Expectant mothers on-board

There are certain circumstances where unusual consideration is required. Be it an expectant mothers or the long travelers with obvious infirmities. At the time of their journey, there are centre of focus which is required to be taken into consideration.
These are certain guidelines to be followed:

Less than 30 weeks pregnant

If the expectant mother is less than 28 weeks pregnant and there are several complications, in that case, she needs to approach to the primary care physician. And ask for a certificate phrasing about her condition and approval for the flight.

More than 30 weeks of pregnancy

If the mother to be is more than 30 weeks pregnant, it is advisable for her to approach the doctor for making sure that the flight she is taking is safe enough for her health as well as her baby.

Things to be taken care while traveling

While expected mother traveling, the crew of the flight must be informed prior about the pregnancy and the doctor provided with the certificate at the time of flight check-in.the certificate must be provided with an authorised specialist for their journey duration and their destinations.

While making reservations

In case you want to use your personal POC while your journey, you can make and model that must be captured in Avianca’s Framework. If you have a connecting flight, then it becomes your responsibility to inform their crew of the other airline. Even if you are having a connecting flight with codeshare flights, it is recommended to make them aware of your journey.

Travelling with Avianca pets in cabin

If you are willing to fly with your pets in a cabin, it is possible with avianca airlines. The airline will accommodate your pet along with you or in a cargo. There are several parameters that are required to be followed, such as :

  • The height of your pets flying with you must not be more than 20 cm and the weight should not be more than 8 kilograms.
  • While traveling, an oxygen and a water resistant cage must be carried as it becomes a perfect home to your ports in flight.
  • You can carry only one pet with one ticket and while your travel, you can place the cage under the front seat.
  • The cage that you are carrying for your pet must be of fixed measurements. The height of the cage must not exceed 20.3 cm, the width should be 27.9 cms, and the length should be 40 cms.
  • Traveling with pets also depends on the availability. We cannot assure you.

Note- if you are booking your flight to and from Aruba, Europe, and Curacao, then you cannot travel with your pets as the service is not available. However, the service can be purchased with the travel agent or the sales officer. They will ensure you about the space for pet on board.

Pets in hold in Avianca

There is an option where your pets can travel their own in cargo as like a big kid. But there are still certain rules that are applicable for your pets to be traveled. Your pet must weight not more than 20 kgs for a flight journey of 4 hours. If your travel time exceeds and becomes 5 hours, in that case, your pet must weigh no more than 10 kgs. This weight is not associated with the weight of the kennel.
The measurement of the Kennel should be as per the size and breed of your pet that is flying
If you are booking your ticket for Airbus A330 or Boeing 787, then it will provide you with a comfortable space for your heavier pets. For traveling to these flights, your pets weight should not be more than 46 kilograms. And this is not incorporated with the weight of the container.

Avianca Customer Service

With an aim of achieving the trust and faith of our passengers, the airline is working closely with the enthusiasm and determination to deliver an extraordinary flight experience to our passengers. With the continuous effort, avianca have introduced several parameters to be inculcate for improvising our services. This includes the advancement in infrastructure, technology, guidelines, and so on.
They keep their services transparent to our passengers. The airline wants to create a bond with our passengers that is rooted in the endured goodwill from our users. They are very much concerned about our unbreakable services to our customers.
The customer service plan is applicable for the avianca's flights operating from the United States. These policies or the plan is designed for offering the passengers a great flight experience.

1- Availability of lowest fare
If you are booking your flight with, telephonic reservation, or reservations made by US ticketing location, you can be benefited with the lowest air fare.
Once you are done with filling the necessary details such as your travel dates, or your class, we will come up with the lowest availability of flights for your journey or with the options available.

2- Flight delays or flight cancellation
While booking with us, the airline make sure that you get proper notifications for your flight delays or cancellation or be it a diversion. We understand that your time is precious to you, so we don't want to waste much of your time due to your flight irregularities. You will get the updates via:
Announcement at gate boarding areas or flight displays at the airport
Via our U.S. telephone reservations system
Notifications via email

3- Baggage delivery at Avianca
Avianca aitrline have an exceptional team of highly professionals with advanced internal procedures. This is entirely focused on the delivery of the passenger’s baggage by taking care of their belongings. We ensure that you get your belongings deliver on time without any delay. This team will deliver your baggage at the time of your arrival at the gate. However, there might be situations arrive where delivery of your baggage can be delayed. In these circumstances, they will com[pensate you for reasonable prices applicable with the agreement. They will relocate your bag and will deliver to you within 24 hours.
In the event that you lost your luggage, the airline will provide you compensation for your baggage whatever is applicable according to the international agreement.

4- Guaranteed fares
You will get a range of fares available, that can be opted according your needs. If you are approaching our US telephonic reservation, or making reservations via, we will provide you with the lowest fares depending on your journey date, destination, and class.

5- Refunds
If you are cancelling your flight tickets, we will promptly release your refund after receiving your cancellation request. You will get your refunds without any penalty if you apply your cancellation within 24 hours of your booking.
If your payment method for your flight booking is via cash, credit card, or any other mode, we will refund your applicable amount within 30 days after your refund completed request. In the event you are making your payment via a credit card, we will further pass your request to the card issuer. Then the issuer will refund the amount following the terms of the credit card agreement. After processing your request, your credit card statement may not reflect your refund immediately.

Passengers with disabilities and other special needs

Avianca airlines provide full support and care to people with disabilities and care of unaccompanied minors
They have built out with the most exceptional people who are being trained to take special care for people with disabilities without being partial to any of the passengers. The crew will ensure that you get all your need fulfil for your expected journey with avianca flights.
For availing this special care you need to ask for help at the airport or in some cases it is advisable to make an advanced request for the same.

Meeting customers expectation during long haul avianca flights

We put our full efforts in making your journey interesting. Ensuring to keep up your expectations, the airline is providing you with the top-notch system for your entertainment. You will bust out with your boredom during your long haul flights. To keep you active and fresh, they also have the most comfortable seats available with legroom. Also, the fresh meal will be provided in-flight along with the drinks. These foods are prepared with quality ingredients keeping your dietary requirements in mind.

Avianca notifications for travel related changes

The airline will notify or inform you in advance for your flight changes so that you don't face any trouble. The airline will inform you at least 7 days prior to your departure. The notification will be received to you via email or telephone. But you need to register you number and email id at the time of flight booking.

Responding to Avianca customer complaints

This airline have a special team for responding to the customer’s feedback or complaints. The customer service team entertain all their feedback and welcome with warm hand. This helps us in improving our services and making a better experience for the passengers.
Avianca is an airline that is entirely centred to provide a better travel experience to its passengers. Right from the food to high speed wifi, you will get everything that will keep up your preferences. Our flights will always provide you with the amazing benefits for your journey.

Avianca Flight Status

How to check avianca 

flight status


  • Choose Flight Status on Homepage
  • Enter Flight Number + Date of travel
  • You can also get avianca flight status using city pair and flight number
  • On status page you can find airlines code, scheduled departure time, arrival time and actual departure/arrival time.
  • In case of rerouting avianca gives prior information and compensate accordingly
  • In case of voluntary cancellation they provide option to select other available flights or reimbursement.ent.

Avianca Check-In

How do you online 


 for Avianca Airlines?

To do online Check-In of Avianca Airlines flights, log on to the Avianca Airlines

  • Can use 6 character booking reference number along with departure date
  • Or use frequent flyer number + schedule departure date
  • Check in 24 hours prior to the flight departure and input baggage information.
  • You should not check in online, if you are traveling with firearms,Printed tickets, codeshare flights operated by other airline, with portable dialysis equipment or oxygen concentrators, UMNR, pets in cabin.