Automatic corn flakes production line
Automatic corn flakes production line
Corn flakes are a kind of crisp food. Its features are good rehydration and non-rotation. At the same time, it has a smooth taste and a strong grain flavor.

Corn flakes are a kind of crisp food. Its features are good rehydration and non-rotation. At the same time, it has a smooth taste and a strong grain flavor. At the same time, it is convenient, fast and nutritious. So, it is a rare cereal breakfast food. And then, it has unique corn dietary fiber and crispy taste. So it is loved by the elderly and children. And it is suitable for all kinds of people. Corn flakes can be brewed with milk for breakfast. At the same time, if it has been sprayed with sugar on the surface and baked, it can be used as a snack.

At the same time, the automatic corn flakes production line is called breakfast corn flakes production line, corn flakes processing equipment and corn flakes extruder. It belongs to expanded extrusion machinery. And then, it uses corn flour as the main raw material. The raw materials are cooked and granulated by the twin-screw extruder. Then they go through processes such as tableting, baking, and spraying. And then, they become the original, sweet and salty crispy instant breakfast corn flakes.

The production line uses high-performance press rolls and advanced technology. And then, its feature is non-stick materials. Its output is stable. And then, the product thickness is uniform and the configuration is reasonable. At the same time, it can realize the whole process control. Sothe operation is convenient and the maintenance is simple. At the same time, it is suitable for small, medium and large food processing companies. And then, we can reasonably configure according to the different needs of customers.

Equipment configuration of automatic corn flakes production line:
Powder mixer--Extrusion granulation--Vibrating cloth--Rolling cooling--Tablet baking--High temperature puffing--Secondary cooling--Painting--Secondary baking--Cooling--Packaging

Automatic corn flakes production line

This production line is the most basic configuration. And then, we can make adjustments according to customer needs.

Product parameter:

Host Model LNH65 LNH85
Main Motor Power 22KW 30KW
Capacity 100KW 180KW
Power 70KW 140KW
Output 120-150kg/h 160-230kg/h
Dimensions 23×1.2×2m 28×1.5×2m

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You can choose the right model according to your needs. At the same time, we can customize it for you. If you want to know more about the full-automatic corn flakes production line, please contact us.

What are the advantages of our fully automatic corn flakes production line?

1. We use advanced frequency converter speed regulation technology. So the equipment runs more smoothly and saves electricity.

2. The screw uses alloy steel nitriding treatment. So the life of the screw is longer. At the same time, it uses a modular structure. So it can be combined according to different needs.

3. We have a forced lubrication system. So it can ensure that the transmission part has a longer life.

4. The equipment has a visual automatic temperature control system. So it can make the temperature control more intuitive. At the same time, it can make the parameters more accurate.

5. The screw has a self-cleaning function. And then, there is no need to disassemble the screw for cleaning when it stops. So this is convenient and fast. At the same time, it can saves manpower.

6. We have linear bearing adjustment. So it’s safe, accurate and fast.

7. The large-size press roller design makes the thickness of the press sheet more uniform and the output is higher. And then, there is a leveling device in front of the pressing roller. So it can prevent the sticking of the pressing sheet. At the same time, there is an anti-sticking design in front of the pressing roller. So it can prevent the pressing roller from sticking to the material. And then the pressing quality is stable.

8. The equipment has a fully insulated box. So, it can efficiently use the hot circulating air. At the same time, it can greatly reduce energy consumption.

9. Dust can be separated automatically. So it is hygienic and safe.

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