A comprehensive guide to the freight forwarding process
A comprehensive guide to the freight forwarding process
Looking for the top freight forwarding services in Dubai? Know about the complete steps of the freight forwarding process before transporting your goods.

A freight forwarding process involves great efforts and stages to make goods reach the final destination. Freight forwarding serves in Dubai acts as a middleman between the carriers and shippers. Their goal is to reduce the complexities of transporting goods from one place to another. They take care of all the stages included in transporting goods. Here is a comprehensive guide of the freight forwarding process:

A step-by-step guide to the exporting and importing process:

Export Haulage

The primary stage of the shipping process is when the goods are transported from the shipper’s location to the freight forwarders. This process is popularly known as the export haulage stage. This is when the actual logistics process begins. A Freight forwarding company in Dubai like SLR shipping services LLC uses different vehicles to move the goods such as trains, trucks, and other vehicles.

Checking items

When the goods reach the freight forwarders from the shipper’s place, they are checked for further process. All the items are counted so that there will be transparency throughout the process. This step is taken by the freight forwarding services in Dubai to ensure that all the goods mentioned on the list match the actual number of goods they received.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance is the most crucial step of the freight forwarding process. Your goods need to go through the customs clearance process, no matter whether you are exporting goods or importing goods. A freight forwarding company in Dubai helps you get through the customs clearance stage without much difficulty. They handle every process of this stage so that there will be minimum obstructions during the delivery of goods.

Final destination

When the goods reach the final destination, it requires several processes and documentations o receive them. Freight forwarding services in Dubai like SLR shipping services LLC prepare all the necessary documents for obtaining the goods at the destination port. T this stage, the freight forwarders receive the consignment using all the receipts and documents of the transportation of goods.

Import Haulage

Similar to the export haulage process, this step involves the delivery of goods from the freight forwarding company in Dubai to the shipper’s place. However, shippers also have the option to pick them up from the freight forwarders. This is the final stage of the complete freight forwarding process, where the freight forwarding contract ends.