6 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Feet!
6 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on Your Feet!
The application of coconut oil after doing some strenuous activities can prevent bleeding and cracking of the legs. It acts as a protective moisture-retaining barrier and softens the existing calluses.

Our feet need the same attention we give to our face, hair, and body. Coconut oil is a magical ingredient that can help you have healthy hair, skin, and nails. For this reason, many herbal beauty products contain the goodness of coconut oil. But few people know that it can also do wonders to your feet. A regular habit of massaging feet can provide so many benefits. If you want to learn more about the excellent benefits of coconut oil, then read this entire article by Shahnaz Husain.

Can we apply coconut oil on our feet at night?

It will be very beneficial to apply warm coconut oil to the feet before bed. This way, the feet will get enough time to absorb and rejuvenate the oil. As many people don't have enough time during the day, they have an excellent option to pamper their feet at night. If you properly clean the feet with herbal soaps and massage oil before bedtime, it will make them soft and beautiful and can also improve blood circulation.

Six Benefits of Applying Coconut Oil to the feet

There are multiple benefits of a coconut oil massage. Oil made from coconut has antimicrobial, healing, and hydrating properties, which improve the barrier function. It is enriched with vitamin E and has lots of antioxidants. Some critical profits of a regular coconut oil feet massage are:


  1. It makes feet softer and promotes strong and healthy nails

Due to negligence, the moisture from the feet drains out, which makes them prone to cracked heels and brittle nails. Coconut Oil repairs damaged skin cells as it is a rich source of vitamin E and natural proteins. Massaging it regularly to your feet will lock skin moisture and prevent the heels from cracking, thus making your feet moisturized and soft. For cracked heels, you can also buy herbal beauty products for feet infused with coconut oil.



  1. Enhances feet health

Regular massage of coconut oil prevents many foot problems and makes them healthy. It makes the leg muscles more robust and more flexible and minimizes pain in heels or ankles.


  1. It prevents many fungal and bacterial infections

Coconut oil's barrier function helps you avoid eczema, ringworm, nail fungus, and redness.


  1. It acts as a natural deodorant

The antibacterial components in coconut oil prevent the odour-causing bacteria on the feet. It also keeps the feet and shoes to stay away from unpleasant odours.


  1. Reduces stress and anxiety

Regular foot massage helps you get rid of depression, stress, and anxiety.


  1. Improves the circulation of blood 

Nowadays, many people spend their entire day sitting on a chair and don't do any physical activity. This can disrupt the proper blood circulation and lead to many health issues. A regular oil massage before bedtime can help you a lot.




Coconut is a very affordable and effective oil for massage. A regular massage with this oil can makes feet soft and smooth without any human effort. Shahnaz Husain highly recommends you cleanse your feet with herbal soaps before applying oil to them. Massaging your feet daily will boost your blood circulation, energy levels, concentration, and overall physical and mental health. 

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