5 strategies to get the best Ocean freight quote and carrier | SLR Shipping
5 strategies to get the best Ocean freight quote and carrier | SLR Shipping
If you want efficient freight forwarding services at the best price, read the article formore.

For most people, obtaining an accurate Ocean freight quotation can be extremely hard, mainly because of the fact that there are a significant amount of complexities along the cargo journey that can make this process tricky to organize. In most cases, it seems that the more stops and ports that there are that happens along the way, the most challenging part will be to paint an accurate picture of how much you should budget for the procedure. If you want efficient freight forwarding services at the best price, read the article formore.


Something that is always a good sign is whether freight forwarding services are honest and transparent about the way they trade and say their quotes their fees. A half-decent freight forwarder will clearly state their full range of services and be upfront about their charges. It is imperative that no surprise fees crop up, and those that do can be a huge warning sign.

Shop around

Both customers of Ocean freight providers and the customers themselves need to be aware of is the fact that ‘shopping around’ and ‘horsetrading’ are not the same thing. Shopping around lets you get an insight into the current number of prices on the market and how competitive freight forwarding services can be. Horse trading can have worse consequences and could lend itself to trouble such as shipping lines going down, for instance, and the cargo going along for the rise also!

Volume-based contract

For those looking to find the best quote and compare from a broad range of Ocean freight shipment rates, it is worth giving them the incentive of giving you a volume-based contract. This makes them commit to a certain volume of cargo in a fixed period. This will allow you to see which company will offer you the best rate and scout out the rates among competing companies.


Other than the route you need to take to get the cargo and goods from A to B, ensure that you choose the quickest route as this will require fewer transshipment ports and transit times. It is something that all clients of freight forwarders also prefer as it means that there is less time needed to be in transportation and, while there may be slightly fewer rates accessible, it is better to get to its destination as opposed to simply bargaining in the hope you may get a cheaper rate.

Look at the price

It is highly essential that the freight quotations you receive from the carrier and the quote are always as clear and transparent as possible and covers all areas. It is also worth checking that the charges in the quote are supplied to you in the same way as stated in terms of the contract.


Depending on the country, destination, cargo, sort of instrumentality, volume, etc., their area unit many different methods that you simply will follow to secure the most effective ocean charge per unit from the most effective suited carrier, however on top of area unit the five key methods that may eventually pay off for you.

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