10 Unique Education Mobile App Development Ideas For 2022
10 Unique Education Mobile App Development Ideas For 2022
We understand that brainstorming a million-dollar application idea is challenging. The application concept is significant after finding the perfect educational app development company. Let's look at some of the educational mobile app development ideas for 2022.

 E-learning is slowly taking over conventional learning modes. The pandemic has given a massive lift to online education. Schools and universities have begun offering learning material that requires the utilization of smartphones. It is from here that the educational app development services enter the game.

The application development industry comes up with newer trends every time. Today, there's an application for everything, from shopping to gaming, watching movies or web series, and surprisingly online learning; mobile applications deal with nearly everything. The expansion in mobile use and the advent of mobile innovation are why mobile app development is growing in popularity.

According to Globenewswire, the overall e-learning business sector will develop to $325 Billion by 2025. Online learning has proven to increase the retention rate from 25% to 60%.

For an educational app development company to cut through the chase and enjoy billions of downloads at hand, the app idea must cross various tests of user convenience, outstanding UX/UI, and functionality.

Let's look at some amazing ideas for a unique educational app that will likely gain momentum in the years to come.

1. A Deadline Simulator Feature-

Meeting deadlines is one way to achieve success in your academic years. However, this is one aspect where students and learners struggle to keep up with the timelines. They need constant push and motivation to complete their submission on time. This part is where educational app development services can come forward to make it easy for learners to keep track of their deadlines.

2. Read It Aloud Feature-

Customizing how the learners access the study material on the education app is vital to its success. Remember how we loved it when our mothers or grandmothers read us bedtime stories to make us fall asleep. For many children, that used to be the most awaited time of the day. Read-it-aloud tries to mimic a similar experience for the user, making the learning experience more interactive and fun.

3. Book-Sharing Feature-

Book-sharing is a typical behavior amongst students of every age and class. Students usually like saving on books and references by borrowing them from school and university libraries or other co-learners. This is where the book-sharing feature comes in. The educational app developers may also include ratings, reviews, offline downloads, and other features to provide a value-added package to the users.

4. Local Course Modules for Self-Development-

Self-development is an ongoing process for every individual. People want to improve their skills and expertise as they go along with their jobs or study some related or unrelated courses. Learning should never stop, so the app should give the chance to study and download classes online and offline.

The educational app developers can bring several paid and free versions of the courses to the users.

5. Find a Tutor Online Feature-

The challenges posed by the pandemic are not unknown to the education industry. It has led students to walk away from institutional learning channels as these institutions cannot meet the sudden transition from physical to digital learning. Finding a private tutor online gives a better perspective to deal with the current virus scenario. Aspects such as personal attention and safety are both covered.

This feature can help you find tutors on relevant courses based on their experience, fees, geography, and rating.

6. Language Learning Apps-

Language learning apps are most common for students fond of linguistics or who want to study abroad. People of any age can take advantage of these apps by joining into fun and engaging learning capsules. Gamification helps in learning languages easier. The educational app development company can also incorporate points or rewards and ask friends to join in the language challenges to make it more interactive.

7. Quiz Apps-

Several high-school, secondary school, and professional level exams are held as quizzes with individual points. Matchmaking, fill-ups, choose the correct are to name a few. Learners keep on searching for authentic sites to provide them with sample tests in the form of quizzes. E-learning app developers can keep the UX UI extraordinarily interactive and innovative to appeal to diverse audiences.

8. Student TO DO List-

A to-do list is essential for every individual to keep tabs on tasks on a day-to-day basis. Students are no different. They need to be reminded of the pending work and assignments to complete them on time and acquire good grades. App developers have started incorporating this feature in their existing e-learning apps as well. Hop on the train!

9. Math Problem Solutions App-

Maths is challenging for many students because it needs a lot of time and effort from students and teachers. Studying math is like playing a lego game, and if one brick isn't well placed, others will topple over even after having a great foundation. Educational app development services can include maths problem-solving app kits in their development process.

10. Dictionary App-

A dictionary always comes in handy whether you're an experienced learner or an amateur. People can check words' meaning, origins, synonyms and antonyms, word pronunciations, and even more. Relying on a dictionary can improve vocabulary, understand the language better and help use the correct words at the right place. E-learning mobile app development can engage in the opportunity to create an interactive and reliable dictionary app. There's always a market for dictionaries, even when the physical ones have lost their importance.

Final Words-

Ran out of ideas to create exceptional educational apps? Well, there's no reason to be afraid of it, as our app idea-list has got you covered.

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