How has mobile technology and its design changed over the years
How has mobile technology and its design changed over the years
The article is about how mobile technology and its design changed over the years, read to know more about it.

A mobile phone might seem like a simple device today. However, if you look at its history there are a lot of things that we can observe. Back in the 1980s when the first mobile phone was under the invention, a lot was going on. No one would have thought at that time that some years down the lane there is going to be a mobile phone which can do so many activities together. The mobile phone was invented only as a mode of communication. However, we see that it has evolved into many other things today. 


The beginning of mobile phone and technology 

We only had a limited number of cell phones back in the 90s. It wasn’t as general as today that each individual had a phone number. Mobile phone with antennas was the most common source of communication at that time. There was hardly any phone repair service store as there was minimal servicing required for these devices. Mobile networks were in limited space and so it was not easy to reach out to anyone.

However, followed by the year 2000 and further, we can see a use difference. The antenna mobile phones were eliminated and some designed mobile phones were launched. We could see that Motorola was taking over the market back in those years. It launched luxuriously designed mobile phones like flip phones. This was something different from any other phone that was launched. However, the slot for Sim cards also got smaller and smaller the time. 


How did it evolve? 

• Sim card 

The addition of Sim cards was a great change. People got their personalized numbers by submitting the ID proof and could connect anywhere. These were huge Sim cards when they started providing them. There was only single SIM card mobile phones mostly available in the market. However, it was still a big change in technology we observe. 


• Games 

The oldest game that we all will relate to is the snake and ladders or Ludo. It was interesting how the developers inserted these games into the mobile phones which we played only on boards. The snake and ladders was an interesting game that was available on all the cell phones back then. 


• Camera  

The addition of a camera to a cell phone was incredibly interesting technology. No one ever imagined that they will have to carry only their mobile phones to click pictures and digital cameras. The Nokia and Motorola smartphones added the best version of their cameras. 


• Music  

Music is a soothing art for many people. The addition of music to mobile phones was a surprising event for many of us. However, we only had the option of listening to the radio or a limited number of songs that we could download from a P.C. and transfer to mobile phones. 


The invention of the smartphone 

Today we sell old phones online with ease on our own. Switching from one device to another is just a simple task for us. The invention of the smartphone got everyone to shake as if it was something out of the world. The addition of so many features together in just one device was never even imagined. Today we can set an alarm or even check the weather of our region or any place on the earth just with a mobile phone. You can book movie tickets or even tickets to a flight with just one device. 


• Internet 

The internet has become another part of a technology which took mobile phones to different levels. Anything you want to search for that may be a mobile repair shop in the nearest shopping center, just go ahead with one click. This is one of the most magical inventions when people got to use the internet on their mobile phones. Today we can use so many applications with the help of the internet. We do not have to limit the usage of the internet today as we have unlimited internet access. The addition of Wi-Fi and also cellular data with high-speed internet that is 4G which was soon 5G.


• Processor 

everything in the mobile phone is managed by the processor. And there has been the launch of such hardcore processors which have been ruling the market. It provides a smooth and endless experience to the users. The processor plays a huge part in providing the smooth functionalities of each activity in the smartphone. Whether you want to download a high-storage game or store space occupying videos, all can be done with a good processor. 


The future of mobile technology and its designing 

The future of technology can only be imagined while it is evolving daily. In the future, there can be waterproof mobile phones and also mobile phones with no Sim card slots but only eSIM cards. Mobile phones can also replace many of the other activities in our life. There are going to be mobile phones with more than one TV of storage available soon. The recent launch of the iPhone 13 Pro Max which has one TV is just surprising. However, it is always a better option to search for the best mobile repair shop near me as maintenance is always required.