Splash Park & Interactive Water Play Solution Provider
Splash Park & Interactive Water Play Solution Provider
Cenchi is the top manufacturer of interactive water outdoor splash park, we provide products that splash parks, water play features, as well as residential, hotels' sprayground parks around the world. Committed to every family having a place for children to interact and play, make the venue of life full of laughter, and learn skills from it.

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Water pad park is loved by the majority of families because it satisfies the communication and interaction within the family. Various interactive experience-style parent-child home splash pads have also set off a trend among young parents. It integrates sports, puzzles and fitness formed through reasonable planning and design.
With Cenchi modular part-block design system, we are fully customizable to adapt to almost any exterior or interior site, ranging from a small splash pad to a sprawling aquatic play center. Attract a crowd with modern designs and vivid colors that complement your brand and the surrounding environment.
Whatever you select, from a Marine-themed discovery or a kingdom inspired by a mysterious jungle, our imaginative designs keep kids and their family moving and coming back for more. Packed on both multi-level water play structure, water spray attractions, different fountains, various water slides and water course etc with age-appropriate games and diverse water effects, our exciting water park engage all kinds of adventurers and promote multi-generational play—a major draw for families, and brings life to amusement parks, hotels and resorts, campgrounds and municipal aquatic centers.
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Cenchi splash pad sprinkler parks include freestanding aquatic facilities sprinkler elements, aquatic play theme stories, community splash play, urban spray features, and water management systems. Check out the classic irrigation parks including: Jungle kindom, Marine discovery, Space travel, Sport themes sprinkler parks. Other charming water interactive have Doggie Park, water wall, water exercise ect..