What are good and inexpensive makeup brushes?
What are good and inexpensive makeup brushes?
We are discuss about what are good and inexpensive makeup brushes

It is said that makeup is an art, but with the right makeup brushes, every woman can be an artist. There is no doubt that with so many varieties of makeup brushes available, knowing which ones are actually used for the right application can be mind-boggling.

Don’t worry, as always, we’ve got your back. Whether your aim is to perfect that flawless base, achieve those killer cheekbones or that coveted insta brow, check out our guide to the right makeup brushes and we’ll help you determine the type of brushes you need, and more importantly – how to use them.


Top Makeup Brushes


(1) POWDER Brush

Allure powder brush sets the existing makeup on your face like the blush, highlighter & bronzer. It doesn’t smudge the already applied products on the face. It is a perfect tool to dust off excess product on the face.


How To Use?

Stroke the brush over powder and tap off excess.

Blend it well using circular motions starting from the center of your face and moving outwards.


(2) CONTOUR Blend Brush

Allure Contour blending Brush gives you the perfect airbrush finish with every make-up application. It is angled in a way that you will be able to shade or contour your face the way professional make-up artists do and achieve the same sculpted look.


How To Use?

This brush is ideal for liquid, cream, or powder products.

Start with positioning the brush with the hair facing the direction in which your hand is moving, working with the flow of the brush and not against it.



(3) CONCEALER Makeup Brush

Allure concealer brush blurs away all the imperfections. This soft, tapered brush softly and subtly applies the concealer in those hard-to-reach areas like under the nose. Say hello to a flawless clear look with the concealer brush.


How To Use?

Just apply the concealer to the slanted side of the brush

Blend it using short and sweeping strokes


(4) BLUSH Brush

Allure blush brush allows an effortless application of pressed or mineral blush and bronzers. The flexible hair is ideal for blending, shading, and contouring the cheekbones as well as highlighting the face, leaving you with a perfectly natural hint of color.


How To Use?

Gently stroke Blush Brush over pressed or mineral blush and lightly tap off excess product.

Apply to the apple of your cheek, blending outward and downward towards the hairline for a natural effect.


(5) FOUNDATION Makeup Brush

Allure foundation brush is best for liquid foundation and other liquid makeup products. It helps in blending the makeup, leaving behind a flawless application without harsh lines.


How To Use?

Start by applying liquid foundation to the back of your hand and dip your foundation brush into the product.

Blend the foundation in a circular motion, for an even application starting at the center of your face, working outward.

Continue the circular buffing motion to the spots where you want the most coverage.





Allure eye shadow brush has been designed for applying and blending the eye shadow evenly. The colour transfers on the lids efficiently, without any falls making them look glamorous and engaging.


How To Use?


Pick the right amount of product and fill across the eye lid.

Sweep through the crease of your eye for a defined and blended look.




Makeup brushes should be durable and versatile. Brushes with high-quality, soft bristles are the ideal for long-term use. They’re gentle on the skin and easy to clean. Best Makeup Brushes in India must be replaced on a regular basis. As much as possible, keep the brushes free of water and dust. To protect them from damage, you should usually placed in storage boxes or bags. We hope that this information has helped your search for the best makeup brushes slightly easier. Once you’ve figured out what each factor for good quality makeup brushes is for you, employ them to create a masterpiece on your face. and you can buy allure brushes for better result