Singing Breathing Exercises
Singing Breathing Exercises
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Singing Breathing Exercises

Breathing is essential to the entire singing method. The main rule of singing is, if singers do not breathe properly, they cannot sing correctly, and that might give rise to severe issues which are serious enough to damage the singing voice temporarily. Therefore, singers who effectively manage their breathing face minimal issues with their voices. There are several types of breathing exercises for singing that eases the vocal cord of the singers and enhance their potential to sing for a longer time smoothly and effortlessly.


There are a few essential breathing exercise equipment tips a singer needs to remember -


  • The shoulders of the singers should not raise too high as they sing.
  • They should inhale as much as possible through their nose, which will allow the air to penetrate far deeper.
  • Because noisy breathing makes the voice sound undesirable, the intake process should be kept to a minimum. A loud breath also means that the throat will dry out quickly, making it harder for the singer to sing.
  • A few simple breathing exercises might help you develop your voice. To strengthen their voice, both aspiring and professional singers should do these exercises every day.

The most effective activity for improving your voice is vocalization. Begin with singing a comfortable note from a low pitch, such as "mi," and keep the scale ascending and falling at the same time. They must inhale deeply up to their abdomen before slowly exhaling in a consistent stream. They should only choose notes that are pleasant to hold during the breathing procedure. They must select a different pitch for each inhalation. These actions must be carried out ten times. If you execute this exercise regularly, you will notice a difference in tone quality and pitch.


Another useful practice is for the singer to lie flat against the ceiling and rest their hands on their stomach with fingers pointing towards the belly button. After that, the singer must concentrate on filling their abdomen with air from the bottom to the top. They must feel the abdomen rise smoothly as their hands ascend till they feel and expand the chest. The body is influenced from all sides by this expansion. The vocalist must then slowly exhale and pause five seconds before repeating the movements. This exercise should be performed 10 times every day, ten minutes before breakfast and ten minutes before bedtime. This technique can help you control your breathing while singing.

Mirrors are an excellent tool for improving one's voice. When a singer sings in front of a mirror, they can watch their posture, facial expressions, and breathing patterns, which can help them spot any flaws. They must experiment with different positions and the way they use their facial and mouth muscles to generate varied sounds while singing in front of the mirror to test their voice. This is a proven approach for correcting any singing flaws and improving one's voice.

One of the most effective breathing exercise  device for singing is exhalation breathing. A candle can be lit and placed around eight inches away from the singer's face. Then they must breathe deeply while maintaining a stable chest and shoulders. They must blow a constant light and steady stream of air on the flame while exhaling to bend it and keep note of how many seconds they can bend it for. Each day, they should gradually increase the time. This exercise helps singers gain the control necessary for singing extended phrases.



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