Reach greater heights using a Security Token Development Company
Reach greater heights using a Security Token Development Company
Attract investors quickly through reliable Security Token Development services from Blockchain App Factory. With smart-contract enabled securities, multiple payment options, two-factor authentication, and an exclusive dashboard for controlling operations, a great chance to reap success is right here. Connect with our accomplished developer team to know more.

Provide a better value for your clients by hiring Blockchain App Factory which is undoubtedly the best Security token development company in the industry.

Our range of services include 

  • Equity token development - Company’s valuable stocks will be tokenized on leading blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and Stellar. 

  • Debt token development - Debt instruments are also tokenized effectively by using smart contract solutions on blockchain. 

  • Asset-supported token development -  Both tangible and intangible assets are tokenized on a proprietary blockchain platform. 

Experience benefits such as easy transfer of ownership, legally compliant tokens, exclusive investor dashboard that records all the market updates, and a higher level of transparency. 

Advantages of dealing with us 

  • Automatic transfer of partial or full ownership by following the guidelines laid down by security laws. 

  • The settlement is done cost-effectively due to the absence of intermediaries. 

  • Investors get better control over asset management through profit-sharing rights, voting facilities and access to equity. 

Our security tokens are transparent, legally compliant, adaptable with different types of wallets and help clients to participate in global investment programs. 

Our development process comprises of the following steps

  • Understanding the business requirements before designing the application. 

  • Preparing the roadmap by defining general rules and choosing the right platform. 

  • Publishing the whitepaper. 

  • Registering the investors and verifying KYC and AML guidelines. 

  • Integrating smart contract and user interface into the daily operations. 

  • Testing the applications before going live in the market.  

Disclose your requirements to our talented developer team and get them satisfied in a short while.