Packaging supplier and producer - Technologia JSC
Packaging supplier and producer - Technologia JSC
TECHNOLOGIA JSC is a leading packaging supplier for food and beverages, pharmaceutical and technical industries

Technologia JSC specializes in the production of packaging for food and beverage industry. Throughout its existence, Technologia JSC has taken the lead in packaging materials manufacturing. We export our products to more than 60 countries.


We offer:


- Sparkling wine capsules

- Champaine wire hoods

- Pvc capsules for wine bottles

- Bag in box

- Self adhesive bottle labels

- Packaging food industry

- Pharmaceutical packaging

- Packaging film


Modern equipment, designed and made by the world leading manufacturers, provides for the highest quality packaging production. We collaborate only with world-class suppliers to guarantee the creation of the top-grade work.


Our representatives in every corner of the globe allow us to be closer to the client, consequently to get the packaging production tasks done properly, quickly and on time.