Increase your Business Sales with Custom Candle Boxes
Increase your Business Sales with Custom Candle Boxes
When it comes to custom candle boxes, the choice is yours. Choose the size, material, and shape to showcase your candles.

Then, consider window printing, corrugated cardboard, and other eco-friendly materials. You'll be able to see what your candles look like from all angles. Read on to learn more about your choices. In this article, we'll look at Corrugated cardboard, window printing, and shapes and sizes.

Window printing on custom candles

Using a window feature on your custom candle boxes can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Consumers are driven by the packaging and want to see the candle's design. A window can give potential buyers an instant plan, and a die-cut window will allow your customer to view the candle's design. Your customer's satisfaction with your product packaging is of the utmost importance. Window printing on custom candle boxes is a cost-effective option for increasing the visibility of your products.

Candle box packaging with embossed patterns is an excellent option for adding a luxurious touch. This process involves the use of metallic foils on the paper, combined with a layer of color to create a mirror-like look. This process can be used for both standard candles and special-edition scents. Hot foil stamping is also very affordable and will not detract from the beauty of your candle. This process is also ideal for promotional products, such as holiday scents.

Corrugated cardboard

While you can choose any type of box for your custom candles, corrugated cardboard is ideal for shipping. Corrugated boxes are strong, durable, and fit tightly around the candle, which prevents it from catching and crushing. Corrugated cardboard is a great option for custom candle boxes, especially if you are making large quantities. Unlike cardstock, corrugated cardboard is recyclable, so you can be sure that it will last.

You can choose from three types of cardstocks for custom candle boxes. You can choose a single-layer cardstock if you are putting out a few lighter candles, such as a votive, or a box made of a thicker, multi-layer corrugated cardboard for a more substantial candle. Regardless of the material used, cardstock will allow for vivid color to show through, which is important for high-quality products.

Eco-friendly material

While it may not seem like it, recycled paper and cardboard are excellent choices for custom candle boxes. Not only are these materials environmentally friendly, but they are also very appealing and neatly crafted. The demand for eco-friendly materials is increasing due to their recycling and sustainability benefits. You can choose from gloss, matte, or recycled options. Choose the material that best suits your company's style. After all, people are more likely to appreciate products that are made from recycled materials.

When selecting a material for your custom candle boxes, make sure to choose a product that is resistant to moisture and heat. Cardboard has a natural tendency to absorb moisture and should be avoided if possible. Moreover, a durable box is also a must for candle boxes, especially if it will be used for packaging jar candles. Make sure that the material you choose for your candle boxes matches your brand's messaging.

Shapes and sizes

A candle box is an excellent tool to increase sales of your new product or brand. It should be appealing to customers and keep them interested in the product. It should also appeal to the environment. Listed below are some of the most popular types of custom candle boxes. You can choose from die-cut and window-cut boxes. Window-cut boxes are perfect for displaying your products in a store window or on a retail shelf.

When it comes to quality, printed Candle Boxes are an excellent choice. The Boxes are rich in texture and design and customized to protect and support the candle inside. Available in all shapes and sizes, they also feature a window pane to allow buyers to see the product inside. Moreover, you can choose from different types of packaging options and apply UV and abrasion guards to protect your candle from the elements.


When selecting the material to use for your custom candle boxes, consider the weight and durability of the box. For lighter-weight candles, single-layer cardstock works best. For heavier candles, you can use multi-layer corrugated cardboard that doubles as a shipping box. You can also opt for a glossy or matte finish. In addition to being durable and sturdy, high-quality materials can add more aesthetic appeal to the box.


Another option is to choose recycled kraft paper or paperboard. Custom boxes wholesale is recyclable and can be used for other purposes. Furthermore, these materials protect your candles from damage and are ideal for sending soothing candles. You should also keep in mind that your customers' perception of your brand depends largely on the type of packaging your candles come in. The more environmentally friendly your packaging is, the more likely it is that your customers will be satisfied with your products.