Increase the Market Value of Your Product with Eye-catching Custom Food Boxes
Increase the Market Value of Your Product with Eye-catching Custom Food Boxes
We offer custom cake boxes at a wholesale rate. Clients appreciate how quickly a product can be shipped anywhere in the world. We do not charge extra and it makes the client to has a higher return for business.

Increase the Market Value of Your Product with Eye-catching Custom Food Boxes

Custom Cake Packaging Boxes

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Custom Cake Boxes - CustomBoxesZone is known for providing a persuasive box. We offer advanced printing techniques which make your product packaging unique and beautiful. Logo printed boxes are a source of brand marketing. All the creative ideas are welcome and we make the client a part of the box designing team. There are no extra charges for tooling for the customized packaging. Efficient customer care services are offered at our company which is being improved every day for making your experience marvelous. We offer custom cake boxes at a wholesale rate. Clients appreciate how quickly a product can be shipped anywhere in the world. We do not charge extra and it makes the client to has a higher return for business. The website is kept updated for the customers to get online quotations while being at home. we offer incredible packaging for every food product at economical prices.

Add Value By Custom-Tailored Boxes

Food products are a necessity and are being evolved in flavor and presentation. Everything is becoming customized as generalized id considered boring. Things are being presented in better ways. Everything around us is being made in customized requirements for each individual specifically from clothing to apps on our smartphones. Even in food boxes, the choice of products is dependent on the client. We have upgraded the standards of packaging from basic to thoroughly conceptualized packing. 

There are numerous food items manufactured by bakeries or food restaurants. Some of the most commonly desired food boxes are doughnuts, muffins, cupcakes, pizza, burgers, and many more. We make burger boxes for individual products in various designs. Identical boxes for every product give a bad impression. We enable the brand to deliver each product uniquely. 

Persuasive Designing


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The design of the box plays a vital role in captivation. We meet the desired requirements of the client by changing the form of the box. Various styles of boxes are made by packaging companies. We can make the addition also in the required style of the box. Some amazing styles are lid and base type, sleeve type, pillow box, front tuck double-layered, reverse tuck, auto-lock bottom, clamshell, and 3-piece set-up box. 

Unlike other packaging companies, there are no restrictions for making changes in the design. A brand can present its product in a box with customized alterations. Box can have accessories and ribbons for a more gift-able look. Cakes have been a mandatory part of celebrations and demand a box that can deliver them without losing their frosting and style. 

We make boxes with crafted handles right into the box or with ribbons. Straps do not only offer easy carrying but shift the weight from the base. We make transparent cello window boxes through which customers can drool over delicious food items. Gold and silver foiling can be done with the addition of inserts and partitions for large boxes. Dimensions and sizes are modifiable. Specific measurements can be used for the construction of a box for each trademark. 

Trendy and Fun Printing

Colors and graphics bring life to a plain box. We offer alluring print designing by a team of professionals. Graphic designers with their expertise make a design for each product and give the company their copyrights. print support is offered free of cost and the box is created with mono-color, PMS, CMYK, or no printing. Text and graphical representation of the product are two chief constituents of printing. Vibrant, pastels, and neutral colors are used for painting the box with unique images, drawings, and geometric patterns. 

Hi-tech features are used to make the logo on the box prominent such as embossing, debussing, or raised ink. While contrasting colors are used for printing text. Description of the product is written in a precise manner explaining ingredients and calories per serving. For gaining the love of the young adults some motivational text can be printed on the box. Mesmerizing boxes are made water-proof by AQ coating. We give your box a feel closer to reality by adding texture through duration by UV spot treatment. The ultimate finishing of the food packaging can be made in a matte or glossy feel by the use of required lamination sheets. 

Better Financial Investment for Surge in Sales

The world has advanced in a better place. Social and digital media has been influencing every aspect of our lives. Through social media platforms, better things are being promoted. We help the brand to build its own identity. E-business can be improved by stronger marketing strategies. When shopping for products, the audience seeks better packaging. 

Sales can be expanded with sophisticated boxes. we do not provide you with just a box but an effective advertisement strategy. You can turn your product into a sensational item. The brand is tailored for meeting the required criteria. innovative ideas are keeping the spark alive and make attractive boxes. 

Deals and Discounts on Affordable Packaging


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Boxes are crafted to meet all kinds of health and safety regulations. These 
food boxes are approved by FDA and are capable of delivering food products in the best form. Damage-free food items in the best presentation are delivered to the customer in rigid and strong boxes. The robust material used is known for tolerating extreme external conditions like temperature and climate. Rigid boxes are provided for saving the outlook of a product. Cakes and other items are delivered with their presentation intact. Boxes keep the product protected from dirt, impurities, and moisture. 

We offer amazing deals on affordable boxes that can change the perspective of a company. A reduction in prices is offered in support of newly established setups. Wholesale discounts are being offered to promote this amazing way of business. Bulk buying is not only beneficial for the box manufacturers but also for the client. We do not compromise on the quality of the product no matter how big the order or how reduced the prices are. 

Disposable Eco-Friendly Boxes

The primary desire of the customers is environmentally safe packaging. Butter paper-lined food boxes are made from material that has an organic source. Material used includes 

  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Boxboard
  • Paper stock
  • E-fluted corrugated material