Get custom rolled joints with free shipping all over USA
Get custom rolled joints with free shipping all over USA
The demand for CBD products is increasing all over the world. The rolled readymade joints gives them a good smoking experience. You can use the custom rolled joints boxes and excel in sales and revenue. You can choose a colorful combination for packaging and elevate the product display.


Custom rolled joints

Pre roll joints are a popular item among many customers. This delicate item must be packed safely so your targeted customers can have a good smoking experience. Brands can use custom prerolls packaging that is designed with visually appealing materials. When the product display is innovative it will also help to enhance sales and give a new identity to your brand. Once the logo is embossed at the top it will promote your brand among new customers.

Make your custom rolled joints fancy with custom printed pre roll joint boxes

Your packaging is the first thing that customers will notice. If you want to give an impressive display to the custom pre rolls make sure your packaging is alluring. The joint packaging can be designed with various embellishments including matte, glitter and lamination. Aqueous coating and spot UV can also enhance the visual appeal of these boxes. Make sure you choose a color scheme that resonates with your brand.

Packaging design that you love to see

CBD brands have to make sure that the packaging designs they choose are according to the demand of buyers. They are not going to compromise on the visual appeal of packaging. Even the best products fail to get attention when they packed in dull boxes. Make sure that you use aesthetically designed Cardboard pre roll packaging that wins the customer’s heart. As cardboard is printing friendly you can print graphics and patterns without any difficulty. It also offers maximum protection to the products packed inside.

Custom pre roll boxes in customized shape & size

Are you looking for custom pre roll boxes? We offer them in customized shapes and sizes. It will help you keep the products defect free. If you choose a big box it can unnecessarily increase your budget. However if the box is too small it can damage the product. We will manufacture Pre rolled joint packaging according to the size and shape of pre rolls. You can let us know the specification of your product. By adding a window on the top you can give a clear view of the product to the customers.

Pre roll packaging boxes with free shipping in USA

Are you looking for sturdy and visually appealing pre roll packaging boxes? No doubt that the packaging design you choose becomes your free promotional tool. We offer a wide range of Custom pre roll boxes that will help you differentiate your brand from others. No matter where in USA, we will deliver the boxes to your desired location. These boxes are made of cardboard, Kraft and corrugated material that are high quality.

We offer luxury pre roll packaging at best price

Pre rolls are a luxurious product as it boasts of recreation for the customers. The packaging you choose must align well with the qualities of the product. We offer luxurious pre roll packaging at best prices. Even if your budget is low you can avail wholesale option. The Custom pre roll packaging is designed according to the theme of your brand. It will help you promote your brand innovatively and beat your rivals. We will also get your logo embossed for free.

Why CustomBoxesU?

CustomBoxesU believe in giving their customers the best packaging solutions. There are a lot of CBD brands in the market and it is hard to beat the competition. We will help you design Joint box packaging according to the desire of your customers. The innovative display of pre rolls will allure the customers into purchase. You can choose from a wide range of design templates and get free design assistance too.