Fireplaces Denver
Fireplaces Denver
Fireplaces in Denver tend to be the focal point of Christmas decorations. But being careless when decorating the fireplace can be dangerous. So take proper precautions to prevent a fire.

Dos And Don’ts Of Safely Decorating Fireplaces During Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, many people have already started decorating their homes. And many have stocked their decorations for fireplaces in Denver for right before Christmas Eve. The area near the fireplace is perfect to celebrate the holiday due to the warmth you and your loved ones get.

But fireplaces are fire hazards and decorations are one of the main reasons for fires during the holiday season. Even the slightest of carelessness can cause a fire outbreak in the neighborhood. So you need to be careful when adding decor near the hearth this season. Here are some dos and don’t for Xmas decorations for the fireplace to ensure your family’s safety:

Dos Of Fireplace Decorations

- Cover With Firescreen

A modern outdoor fireplace in Denver usually comes with a Firescreen made of metal or glass. If it doesn’t, see whether you can install one on your current model. Keep the firebox doors closed to prevent the sparks from flying on a carpet or curtain. It will also prevent kids and pets from playing with the flame and hurting themselves.

- Buy Fire-Resistant Decor

If you are buying an artificial tree, then you should make sure that it’s labeled fire-resistant before checking out. It may still catch fire but will resist the fire long enough for you to extinguish it. Other decorative items like stockings, curtains, etc. that you place on the mantel should also be fire-resistant. You can use a fire-retardant spray. 

- Get Fresh Tree

If you want to use a real tree, then make sure that you get a fresh one. It’s less likely to catch fire than a fresh one. A fresh tree will have green leaves and its needles will bend instead of breaking. You can keep it fresh by cutting its bottom at a 45-degree angle and placing it in water.

- Keep Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can help you prevent a fire from spreading in case something burns. You should check the label on the cylinder to see what type of fires it can extinguish. Make sure that everyone learns how to use it. Check its expiration date to see whether you need a new one or not.

- Get Inspection

You should schedule a fireplace inspection every autumn to prepare it for winter. If you haven’t already, then get it done before you start using it during the winter. The technician can find issues with its parts and fix them.

- Create Exit Plan

Make an exit plan in case of emergencies like fire so that everyone knows what to do.

- Check Smoke/Gas Detector

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can save lives. Check whether they’re working or not. You may need to change the batteries or buy new detectors.

- Clean At Regular Intervals

You can do regular maintenance like wiping the exterior by yourself. Call a professional to sweep your chimney and get rid of creosote, a flammable substance. Wait for the ash to cool down before disposing of it.

Don’ts Of Fireplace Decor

- Keeping Xmas Tree Close

If your Xmas tree is close to the flame, it may catch fire due to the heat. You need to place it away from the hearth as per the local code to prevent a fire. 

- Throwing Stuff Into Flame

Throwing things like an old gift wrapping is not a good way to get rid of it. It may cause a buildup of creosote, which can be dangerous. You should dump them in a trash bin or a recycling bin.

- Leaving Candles Unattended

Do not leave candles unattended on the mantel. It may fall on something and cause a fire. Extinguish the candlelight's if no one’s in the room. You can also use LED candlelight's instead of the real ones.

- Leaving Flame On

Never leave a burning fireplace unattended. It’s how a fire catches people off guard. It may also cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Extinguish the flame when you’re not using it. Turn off the gas valve to prevent leaks.