Enrich your Tinder Clone dating app with the striking features
Enrich your Tinder Clone dating app with the striking features
Launch the fully-featured Tinder clone app right away and reap the benefits

These days, the traditional dating approach has been shifted to the online dating platform. If you are the one who intends to launch the Tinder clone app, consider adding the following features.

Profile setup

Once the users sign up with the app, the foremost step is to create a profile by providing the basic information. It is essential as it introduces the potential matches to the users.

Geolocation and gender-based suggestions

It is necessary to incorporate the geolocation and geofencing feature. Geolocation splits the matches according to the users’ location. Then, the app splits the matches according to the gender the users register at the time of the profile setup.

Match making

The swiping features what makes the dating app more special. The app users can browse for the other user photo that pops up on the screen and swipe it left or right. Swiping right denotes that the user likes the person and swiping left denotes that the user does not like the person. If both the user swipes right their photos, it means the match is found.

Real-time chatting

Including the real-time chatting feature helps to boost the matchmaking process. If users get mutual likes, any one of the users can initiate the chat. Moreover, the conversation can be disabled at any time if the user dislikes the other person. Incorporating the voice chat and video chat is a great advantage.

Block users

It is necessary to include the block users feature. This encourages the users to use the dating app with confidence as they feel secure.

Also, consider the new features during the Tinder clone app development. This helps to get attention from more new users and get potential customers.