Choose the Best Freight Shipping Services Company
Choose the Best Freight Shipping Services Company
Want to choose the best shipping company for delivering your cargo? Here are the top things you need to know about the logistics company ideal for your shipping services.

Knowing about your freight shipping partner for delivering Cargo Services is vital. SLR, one of the most trusted freight forwarding companies, is good for choosing your shipping journey. The company provides services in countries like UAE, Russia (Moscow), and Saint Petersburg.


However, the process by which goods and cargo are transported by land, air, and sea is known as freight shipping. If you're looking for freight forwarding companies, you need to know that with SLR shipping, your goods are in the right hands for delivering your cargo services. 


The goods are transported around the world by an International Freight shipping company. But it is up to the shippers to choose their mode of transportation for moving their cargo services. SLR provides the superior implementation of supply chain management across the industry.


Things you need to know about Freight Shipping companies for moving your cargo services:


An exceptional freight forwarder understands that it is in the best interest to understand the needs of the shippers and offer them enough Transparency to trust with their shipments.


Freight forwarding companies need to align with several airline companies, ocean carriers, and global agents. As a client, you get support from them for choosing your services.


Freight forwarders are able to negotiate better with high-volume shipments. Some companies even work with brokers to provide you with door-to-door services.


As a logistics service provider, they will send you detailed quotes and regular status updates. They will help you resolve any problem and can make your work easy.


Why choose SLR? 


Trustable and Transparency in business

Focus on continuous improvement

Honest and Lawful business practices.

Enhancing human resource capital with proven experts.

Target on client's needs and wants.


Global Network


The company handles all types of shipments to CIS Destinations Russia, Iraq, & Afghanistan via Turkey, Ponti, NOVOROSSISIYSK, and China. It accepts direct heavy equipment shipments from all European cities to CIS, Russia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They are specialized in providing our best logistic services to east and central Africa through the gateway of Mombasa port and Dares Salaam. And provide smooth transportation and a safe delivery process under expert handling.


Quality Control


They recognize the customers' needs and are ready to part-load or full truckload transportation. Assurance of the right equipment available at the right time and right place is what defines our uniqueness,


Timely door-to-door delivery without any hassle has been the outcome of our delivery process. Their efforts to make the consignment available on the set date and time at an affordable cost are a unique feature of our delivery.