Betel Leaf Plant: Medicinal Properties and Best Growing Tips  
Betel Leaf Plant: Medicinal Properties and Best Growing Tips  
Do you want to buy the Betel Leaf plant online? You must know everything before buying this outstanding beauty with excellent medicinal properties.

Betel Leaf Plant, specifically known as 'Paan' in India, is an excellent growing plant. It is a widely popular plant whose leaves are used for different types of Paan preparation, such as Meetha Paan or Masala Paan, generally consumed after heavy meals to lighten the stomach. If you are planning to buy the Betel leaf plant online, you must have a look at the growing tips below. Let us check out the best ways to grow them and learn about the plant's medicinal properties. Here we go: 


Type of Pots

Growing Maghai Paan plant is not a difficult job. However, you must choose suitable pots and planters to ensure the best growth. When you buy the Betel leaf plant online, you need to choose the best pots to help the plant thrive well. They can be easily grown in small pots and containers for a rich and manageable growth. Also, they can grow excellently in hanging baskets to give your balconies or kitchen windows a great feel. However, it is best grown as a moss stick plant as a climber to keep growing higher.

Soil Choice

Another great growing tip we have for you is the suitable soil type. The most preferred soil for your Maghai Paan is choosing slightly acidic, acidic, and damp soil. Always choose well-draining soil for them as they do not prefer standing in waterlogged soil. Also, if you are growing them in water after buying the Betel leaf plant online from the top online nursery like Leaf Baba, you need to choose a deep container rather than a wide one.

A Shade-Loving Plant

One of the biggest issues gardeners face these days is not having enough space for proper sunlight. This one is not an issue with buying Betel leaf plants online, and all they need is a little care and a shady corner to keep growing higher. They also fit perfectly on your low-shade balconies as they can easily survive a few days without sunshine. Also, avoid keeping them under direct sunlight as they cannot survive direct sun rays.

Top Benefits and Uses of Betel Leaf Plant

· Indigestion – One of the best medicinal uses of betel leaf plants is curing indigestion. Those with indigestion problems can consume the plant's leaves daily to get relief from the issue with added benefits of calcium.

· Mouth Freshener – One of the reasons people buy Betel leaf plants online from an online store like Leaf Baba is the wide use of the leaves as a mouth freshener. The leaves are dried and added with many mouth fresheners to get a refreshing feel.

· Chest Congestion – the leaves of the Betel Leaf plant are used widely to cure excessive chest congestion. With the help of their antibiotic properties, Maghai Paan is highly effective against acute chest congestion and cough.