Assessment & Development Centre
Assessment & Development Centre
t Naman, we specialise in conducting customised and versatile Assessment and Development Centres that lend precision and effectiveness to your Talent Development practices.

Assessment & Development Centre

At Naman, we specialise in conducting customised and versatile Assessment and Development Centres that lend precision and effectiveness to your Talent Development practices.


The Assessment CentreDevelopment Centre Development (AC/DC)

assesses employee capability using multiple techniques like simulation, psychometric test, and exercises for a variety of human resource activities including recruitment, selection, promotion, training and development, succession planning, and more.

An Assessment Centre is different from a Development Centre. You may use one of the two tools depending on your goal.

Assessment Centre

  • intent is to assess or ‘TEST’ an individual on identified competencies
  • findings are used to take a selection or elimination decision

Development Centre

  • assesses an employee but with an intent to identify strengths and development needs
  • findings are used to design a detailed, personalised development plan

Assessment and Development Centres are amongst the most objective and accurate methods of identifying managerial and leadership competence.

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Over the years, the Assessment and Development Centre methodology has become increasingly popular owing to its accuracy in evaluating and predicting managerial competencies in a transparent manner. Additionally, it offers a level-playing ground for people from different functions and domains.

Some of its popular uses include – but are not restricted to:

  • identifying individual strengths and skill gaps to take recruitment or promotion decisions (usually for for middle, senior, or strategic position)
  • early identification of leadership potential
  • building a realistic career progression plan
  • succession planning

Some of the frequently seen advantages are:

  • provides talent information not otherwise readily available – when combined with conventional sources like CV, interview, performance appraisals, ACs can enable organisations to select the most qualified candidate for the job
  • greater acceptability of feedback amongst employees as DCs by nature are transparent, and therefore are seen as non-threatening and objective
  • provide scope for involving line managers to bring in continuous development while on ground

Are you reaping these ?advantages of a well executed Assessment and Development Centre?


The Naman Advantage

Having assessed nearly 7000 individuals world wide, we can certainly boast of our expertise in this space.

We engage closely with you to understand business objectives and then align every element to your competencies and established goals. Our team of certified assessors and experts is trained to deploy a variety of assessment tools ranging from –

  • simulations designed to imitate real life environment of your organisation
  • business cases
  • live role plays
  • behavioural interviews
  • psychometrics
  • in-basket and fact-finding exercises
  • presentations

Our Approach


    Stage 1


    Understand the purpose, context, and business objectives


    Stage 2

    Competency Mapping

    Carve out essential competencies through personal interviews, focused group discussions, and validations from business/process owner(s)


    Stage 3


    Assessors observe candidates in multiple simulations. Behavioural observations are systematically integrated to arrive at performance scores

  • Stage 4


    Findings compiled in a score card that outlines feedback and actionable


The evidence and research based approach of Assessment and Development Centre at Naman has empowered clients to develop some of their most transformational leaders.

Are you ready to take your managerial potential to the next level?