7 Impressive Reception Desk Improvement Tips
7 Impressive Reception Desk Improvement Tips
Receptions are the face of a brand or company. These desks should be warm, welcoming and elegant. They are responsible for a great first impression. Hence, the reception desks should be innovative yet subtle.

No matter how good your business is, a dull and unappealing reception room will create a bad impression of your brand or company. Thus, a well-designed reception room is of utmost importance.

Here are 7 tips that may help improve the aesthetic appeal of your reception area:


The layout is the most notable thing for a visiting client. The layout and design should be subtle and symmetrical. One of the most important factors is the placement of the desk at your reception. It should be easily accessible.


Having plants as décor increases the aesthetic appeal of the interior. Various studies show that having plants as décor makes people feel relaxed and calm. Flowers are great to look at and they smell sweet as well.


Good, warm lighting around reception desks and other furniture is never a bad idea. As easy as it may sound, finding the right balance is crucial. If the room has windows then make the best use of the natural light. It gives the room an airy and fresh feel.


Furnishing the reception area with comfortable office furniture comes in handy. The furniture should be symmetrical with respect to the reception. The sitting area should not be too soft or squishy. A comfortable piece of furniture goes a long way.


Nothing annoys the guests more than a loud TV or radio. Instead, play some jazz or lo-fi music around the reception desk. This keeps the vibe warm and makes the client feel welcome.


Replace the paper-based manual reporting setup with a digital management system. Not only it reduces the room for error but also makes the reception look more professional and organized. A digital management system is secure and ensures long-term productivity and efficiency.


One of the major factors that most reception rooms either get wrong or ignore is the flooring. The flooring should complement the office furniture and the reception desk. It should be stain resistant and easy to clean. The tiles used should not be slippery as they may result in an injury. 

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