What is the difference between your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign?
What is the difference between your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign?
Know about the What is the difference between your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign and how it's related to your life

Have you ever felt that astrology is something that you can’t relate to? Is it because your sun sign does not define your personality traits? Then you need to know that astrology is not just limited to your sun signs.

As per the astrologers in Kolkata, there are three major types of astrological signs that play a dominant role in defining the attributes of a person. These are the sun sign, moon sign and rising sign of a person and the real self of an individual is determined by analyzing all these signs together.

Each of these signs play a significant role in defining your attributes. These are combined together to understand your overall personality and know the characteristics that completely define you as a person. Let us take a look at these signs and the role they play in our horoscope chart:

  1. Sun Signs
    The sun signs are the most popularly known zodiac sign and one of the major components of your birth chart. Almost everyone is aware of their sun signs as it is quite easy to find it. You just need to know your date and month of your birth to calculate your sun sign.
    The sun plays a very important role in our life as it is located at the centre of the solar system. It plays an essential role in our survival and therefore, in our horoscope it defines the core of our personality. The main driving force that rules over our entire individuality is determined by the position of the sun in our birth chart live astrology.
    It represents our raw and passionate side. Our ego, our true self and our expressions - everything is analyzed with the help of our sun sign. This is why it plays such an important role in defining our personality.

  2. Moon Signs
    Moon signs are the lesser known signs that relate to your private and emotional self. It reveals that part of your personality that remains hidden from the outside world. The calculation of moon sign is a more complex process where you need your birth date, month, year, time and time zone.
    The feelings, intuitions and sentiments of a person are determined by inspecting the position of moon in their birth chart. It governs your personal side - your desires, your fears and your inner thoughts.
    Thus, we can say that the moon represents your inner self. It shows who you are beneath the surface of your outer personality. It governs that part of your personality  that is secretive and not known by others.

  3. Rising signs
    Most of the people are not aware of the fact that they also have a rising sign. These signs are referred to as ascendants. It is the sign that rules over the first house of your horoscope chart.
    To calculate the rising sign, you need your birth date, month, year, time, time zone and also the place where you were born. All these things are taken together to determine your rising sign. It is the most complex sign that tends to change every couple of hours and therefore, people born on the same date can have different rising signs.
    It is said that the rising sign shows your outer self - the part that you deliberately show to the world. It reflects what we “appear to be” to others and protects our “core self” (sun sign) and our “emotional self” (moon sign).

Thus, we may conclude that the sun sign, moon sign and rising sign are very different signs that show our overall personality. To know more about your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign, you must consult an astrologer in Delhi who will help you know your true self.